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Overcome Your Fears With Team Triumph Triathlon Training!

Do you have a dream of competing in a triathlon one day? Or are you sick of working out alone in your dark basement, or the "pain cave?" Have you signed up for a race and worry you aren't going to be ready?

If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions, Triathlon Training in Ottawa is for you!

We specialize in improving your health and fitness through swimming, running, and cycling. Whether you are a rank beginner or an elite competitor, Team Triumph Triathlon Club has something great to offer everyone!

We offer several different packages and training opportunities to better fit your goals and preferences. Each seasonal package (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) is guaranteed to get you in amazing shape and ready to participate in a triathlon.  

Group Training in Ottawa

Prepare Yourself For All Aspects Of A Triathlon With Multiple Training Options

  • Fall and Winter Triathlon Training: Spin, Run, Strength & Yoga

      Starts September 25, 2017

Join Team Triumph for a periodized indoor cycling, run and strength program at the Ottawa Athletic Club. Our coaches will be at the helm teaching our popular multi-sport Triathlon Training program. This program is focused for clients who are aspiring triathletes, cyclists, or anyone who wants to get in amazing shape. Each session is specifically designed for each participant, to better ensure your fitness goals are being met.    

  • Swim Training

      Starts September 25, 2017

This program is for all ages and fitness levels! Swimming is all about efficiency and it's one of the most important elements of a triathlon. Learn to swim smoothly and comfortably by receiving stroke correction and video on the spot. Improve your technique with Total Immersion skills and drills. Work hard using your personal set repeat times which are given to each swimmer. We guarantee you will be a more confident swimmer in a matter of weeks!

  • Friday Morning Running Club

      Starts September 29, 2017

Our Friday morning running club meets in the Arboretum. The focus is on running form, hills, tempo training and camaraderie! We have a great circuit loop which allows our club to do their circuits together so no one gets left behind. If you’re looking to improve your running, you will be given all the tools you need to be a more efficient and faster runner!

  • Summer Outdoor Training: Swim, Bike, & Run

Our outdoor clinics are for beginner to intermediate levels who want to learn all about open water swimming, outdoor cycling, and long-distance running.    

Club rides are for the more experienced cyclists who want to improve skills and confidence. However, to join clubs rides, we request that you take the Team Triumph Group Riding Skills course first for your safety.

Triathlon Training Ottawa

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