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At Team Triumph Triathlon Club plus Triumph Triathlon Store, we understand that trying a triathlon for the first time can be intimidating. We hear it from our new members and those who are interested in joining us all the time. We're also of the belief that knowledge is power. The more you know and the more professional coaching you're able to receive, the more confident you'll be in achieving your goals!

That's why we're proud to start our newest program with the beginner triathlete in mind. We've become the resource for triathletes in Ottawa, and we're excited to help you go into your first triathlon confident, physically and mentally prepared, and with a bunch of new friends and caring coaches.

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How Can Team Triumph Help?

Our coaches at Team Triumph Triathlon Club are looking for 10 people who want to do their first triathlon. This pilot group will help us fine-tune the group training method we've been working on and will allow you to connect with other beginners who have the same goals while saving a little bit of money.

We'll Answer Some Of The Biggest Triathlon Questions Like:
  • How to buy your first bike
  • Improving your swim stroke, running form, and how to change gears on a bike
  • Fueling your workouts
  • The many rules of the triathlon
  • Eating like a triathlete

We might even bring up a few questions of our own! Like did you know that you can't ride your bike in the transition zone? Did you know that there is a transition zone? What about what gear your bike should be in or what brick training is?! We'll answer everything in this program.

How Do I Get Started In The Beginner Triathlon Training Program?

There's not too many prerequisites for this program. You don't need to be in a certain weight range or even know how to ride a bike. We just ask that you have access to a stationary bike, own running shoes, can swim 50 metres, and will have access to a pool once a week when they reopen.

And once you start, you'll find that the benefits take care of all your nerves!

  • Discover the pure joy that comes with being fitter and getting to the finish line of a triathlon
  • Meet new friends who are just like you: beginner triathletes
  • Receive the program you need to train for a triathlon
  • Learn everything you need to know about completing your first race



Get Started In Ottawa Today!

If you're excited to participate in your first triathlon and you're looking for a group of likeminded people to learn the ropes with, look no further than Team Triumph Triathlon Club! Our Beginner Triathlon Training Program will take care of giving you the expert training necessary to start your first triathlon confident and prepared.

If you would like to join this awesome group of new triathletes, click below to find all of the details and register today!

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