Team Triumph Women's Webinar Series

Women and men are different in terms of nutrition, health, and athleticism. So why is it that we're all being prescribed the same exercise and nutrition plans? In our Optimal Nutrition and Training for Women webinar series, we can lead you through the confusing journey that your athleticism can sometimes be and offer guides to optimize your nutrition and your fitness. This webinar series is perfect for women of all ages and, because we're offering it on Zoom, you don't even have to be in Ottawa to take advantage of everything we can teach you!

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Who is This Webinar Series For?

This series focuses entirely on what is the optimal routine for nutrition and fitness for women. We'll go through the different stages of life that women face and how our nutritional and athletic needs differ as we change weekly, monthly, and over time. You can use this to help make sure that you're at your peak fitness and your nutrition is dialed in for your female physiology when preparing for your next big event.

This series is specifically designed for:

  • Women who want to become the best version of themselves mentally & physically
  • Women of all ages from their teens to their 90's and beyond!
  • Women getting into a sport who are interested in training and eating like athletes
  • Men who want to understand women's physiology
  • Male and Female coaches/trainers who want to teach their athletes how to optimize their fitness & nutrition

What Will These Webinar Series Cover?

We've broken up this summit into two parts and will be streaming it on Zoom so that we can reach people beyond our community of Ottawa. Each week, we'll cover different subjects, so you have the option to sign up for sessions individually or for the whole series. We have a limited number of slots available, and we're running a special for our members that choose to sign up before August 12, and then we open up registration to the public so make sure that you reserve your spot early!

PART 1: THURSDAY, AUGUST 20th (7:00-9:00 pm)


From teens to menopause and beyond, our nutrition and training strategies change. In this session, you will receive the tools and tricks you need to mitigate some of our female challenges and come out feeling stronger, fitter, and healthier so you can achieve optimal performance.

PART 2: THURSDAY, AUGUST 27th (7:00-9:00 pm)


As we age our nutrient needs and timing changes. We will explore what to eat and when.

How many calories and how many grams of protein, carbs, and fats should we have in a day? How about when you have your period or when you're in menopause or when you're training or when you're racing? It can all seem overwhelming but we will simplify it all so you have a cheat sheet to work from.

In the 2nd half of this session, we will put it all together and prepare you for your race or event. You will learn what to eat and drink when, how to manage altitude, travel, heat, and what to do if an injury arises.

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Team Triumph Triathlon Club is dedicated to helping athletes become the best versions of themselves. And we know that men and women can't train the same way and expect the same results! Our OPTIMAL NUTRITION & FITNESS FOR WOMEN webinar series is the most comprehensive 2-part course that you can find to learn how to optimize your nutrition and fitness. The best part is, you don't have to be in Ottawa to be a part of the summit. All of our sessions will be led on Zoom so you can join anywhere in the world. But don't wait too long, there's only 30 slots available!

Members ONLY: $75 per session or $125 for BOTH until Aug 12th
Non Members: $95 per session or $175 for BOTH after Aug 12th

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