• Knee Strengthening Exercises

    Knee Strengthening Exercises

    Join Coach Julia Aimers as she shows you some knee strengthening exercises 2 sets of 15-20 reps ACUTE PAIN - CHRONIC PAIN
    Clam - add band if can tolerate Reverse Clam - add band if can tolerate Side Adductor Leg Raise One Leg Bridge/Extension Calf Raise Step Ups Step Downs
    Leg Extensions on the Stability Ball Wall Slides (Plie if needed) High Plank Leg Raise Elbow Plank Leg Curl Single Leg Deadlift Reverse Lunge NO PAIN BUT WEAK
    Play with Front Lunges Squats if feels good Weighted Wall Slides ....

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  • Plyometric and Strength Workout

    Plyometric and Strength Workout

    Join Coach Julia Aimers as she takes you through a plyometric and strength workout. Workout Description 400-meter drill (plyometric drill) 200-meter jog Strength move - up to 25 reps 2- 3 sets 1. 400-meter Karaoke - 200-meter jog - Hi Plank/Hamstring Curl 2. 400-meter hi knees - 200-meter jog - Jump Squats 3. 400-meter butt kicks - 200-meter jog - Hi Plank/Arm Switch 4. 400-meter lean sprints - 200-meter jog - Fash Pushups 5. 400-meter ladder drills - 200-meter jog - Goddess Squat + Twist #strengthtraining, #mobility, #strengthforswimming, #strengthforrunning, #strenthforcycling, #weightlifting, #triathlete, #triathletelife, #triathlon, #triathlontraining, #triathloncoach ....

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  • Strength Training for Cyclist

    Strength Training for Cyclist

    It's leg day! Get Ready to fire up the legs, glutes, and core! Bring along a closed-loop band, a med ball if you have one and dumbbells. You will need lots of space for this workout. Workout Details
    Monster Walk Lunge and Twist with Med Ball Single Leg Deadlift Reverse Lunge Front Squats with Band Deadlift with Row 4 Sets - 8 Reps/10Reps/12 Reps/15 Reps same weight. Thanks a million to Phil Burt, physiotherapist and bike fitter with Team Sky and British Triathlon Team. I had the pleasure of spending two awesome sessions with him at the Endurance Coaching Summit in Manchester, UK. His book is called Strength and Conditioning for Cyclists. A great read! ....

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