• Empowerment Yoga

    Empowerment Yoga

    Join Coach Julia Aimers for a powerful practice to change your perspective and take control of your breath, body, mind, actions and reactions #yoga, #poweryoga, #yogaforswimmers, #yogaforrunners, #yogaforcyclist, #yogafortriathletes, #freeonlineyoga, #onlineyoga, #alllevelyoga, #flexibility, #namaste ....

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  • Chillaxin Yin Yoga

    Chillaxin Yin Yoga

    Join Coach Julia for a Chillaxing Yin Yoga practice. You will need a mat, a block, or textbooks if you do not have a block and some pillows as well. #yoga, #yinyoga, #yogaforswimmers, #yogaforrunners, #yogaforcyclist, #yogafortriathletes, #freeonlineyoga, #onlineyoga, #alllevelyoga, #flexibility, #namaste ....

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  • Dynamic Run Warm-up "Head to Toe"

    Join Coach Maggie King for a Head to Toe Run Warm-up Cue Review
    Head - "Run Tall" - feel a string pulling you up from centre of head
    Shoulders - "stay low and loose"
    Arms/Hands - 'drive elbow back"
    10 back slaps 3 - arm circles (small to big) Torso - "(EM)brace the core' & "Tits before hips"
    Plank - Mountain Climber - 50 sec "Drive the Hip Back, Drive the Knee Forward"
    Backward Lunge - 10 per leg Side Shuffle & Touch - 50 sec Speed skater - 10 per leg "Run soft and quiet"
    "Land under your body"
    20 "scooters per foot" 20 ankle "push-ups" 5-10 baby burpees Run Workout (52 min)
    5 min Zone 1 5 min Zone 2 4 x (5min Zone 3/3 min Zone 1) 5 ....

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  • Plyometric and Strength Workout

    Plyometric and Strength Workout

    Join Coach Julia Aimers as she takes you through a plyometric and strength workout. Workout Description 400-meter drill (plyometric drill) 200-meter jog Strength move - up to 25 reps 2- 3 sets 1. 400-meter Karaoke - 200-meter jog - Hi Plank/Hamstring Curl 2. 400-meter hi knees - 200-meter jog - Jump Squats 3. 400-meter butt kicks - 200-meter jog - Hi Plank/Arm Switch 4. 400-meter lean sprints - 200-meter jog - Fash Pushups 5. 400-meter ladder drills - 200-meter jog - Goddess Squat + Twist #strengthtraining, #mobility, #strengthforswimming, #strengthforrunning, #strenthforcycling, #weightlifting, #triathlete, #triathletelife, #triathlon, #triathlontraining, #triathloncoach ....

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  • Spinning - Descending Cruise Ladder

    Spinning - Descending Cruise Ladder

    Join Coach Julia Aimers for a Descending Cruise Ladder Spin workout. WU 5 min Z1/Z2 @ 85-95rpms 5 min Z2 @ 85-95rpms WO 5 x 30 sec on @Z4/5 x 30 sec off @Z2 (85-95 RPMs) 12 min on @Z4/3 min off @Z2 (Flat 80-90 RPMs) 8 min on @Z4/2 min off @Z2 (Flat 80-90 RPMs) 5 min on @Z4/2 min off @Z2 (Hill 60-70 RPMs) Tabatas 20 sec on/10 sec off (85-95 RPMs ON/75-85 OFF) CD 8 mins *WU = warmup *WO - main workout *RPMS = revolutions per minute *CD = cooldown #spinning, #cycling, #indoorcycling, #cyclingfortriathletes, #triathlon, #triathlontraining, #triathletelife, #triathlete, #freeonlinecycling, #triathloncoach, #triathloncoaching, #spinclass ....

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  • Power Yoga for Swimmers

    Power Yoga for Swimmers

    In this practice Coach, Julia Aimers will focus on strengthening and releasing the upper and lower back. Bring a block, your mat, and your Ujjayi breathing. #yoga #poweryoga #yogaforswimmers #freeonlineyoga #onlineyoga #alllevelyoga #flexibility #namaste ....

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  • Yin Yoga for Cyclist and Runners

    Yin Yoga for Cyclist and Runners

    Join Coach Julia for a 1-hour Yin Yoga Practice. Release those hammies and unzip those hips. Your back will thank you. Bring along a strap, a belt or a long towel and a bunch of pillows or blocks. See you on the mat. #yoga #yinyoga #yogaforcyclists #yogaforrunners #yogafortriathletes #yogaforathletes #freeonlineyoga #namaste ....

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  • Run Warm Up for Fartlek "I Spy" Workout

    Run Warm Up for Fartlek "I Spy" Workout

    Join Coach Maggie King for a dynamic run warm-up followed by a Fartlek Run

    Hips & Glutes Butterfly Stretch Frog Bridge "pump" Plank "jacks" Glute Rainbow Pigeon-Hip Extension Lateral Hurdles Toy Soldier Single-Leg Hurdles WORKOUT
    Warm-up 5 min Zone 1/ 5 min Zone 2/4 x (10 sec stride/50 sec easy job) MAIN SET
    Fartlek *I Spy* (7 min) Stay in Zone 5 until you spy 5 runners Stay in Zone 2 until you spy 2 dogs Stay in Zone 4 until you spy 4 women with brown hair Stay in Zone 1 until you spy 1 blue car in a laneway Stay in Zone 3 until you spy 3 bright red objects Stay in Zone 1 until you ....

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