• Peak Power Interval Spin Class

    Peak Power Interval Spin Class

    Join Coach Julia Aimers for a Peak Power Interval Spin Class WORKOUT WARMUP 7 mins then..... 4 x 1' min on/1' off Recover 2 min TEST 4 min Hard Flats (Heart Rate or Watts)/2 min easy 4 min Hard Climb/2 min easy *3 sets of 2 min below Zone 4 1 min hard at Zone 4 30 sec harder at Zone 5 3 min recovery *Note Set 1 - 80 - 90 rpms Set 2 - 60 - 70 rpms Set 3 - 80 - 90 rpms COOLDOWN ....

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  • Run Warm-up with Upper Body Focus

    Run Warm-up with Upper Body Focus

    Join Coach Maggie as she takes you through a run warm up with a focus on the neglected upper body. Learn the best movements to focus with your arms for running WARM-UP Back Slappers x 20 Tik Tok Arms x 15 Welcome Circles x 10 Lat Counter Stretch V Sit Running Arms x 10 Front Lunge - Hands Up x 10 Happy Baby Squats x 10 Hand to Toe Hammie Stretch x 10 Hop Around Clock x 4 Elbow Plant x 90 sec (add high plank to low plank) BONUS WORKOUT 53-58min duration 5 minute Z1 5 minute Z2 6 x (20 sec acceleration/40 sec easy jog) HILL REPEATS 8 x (20 sec Z5 uphill/1 min jog easy) 8 x (40 sec Z5 uphill/2 min jog easy) 5 - 10 min Z1 ....

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  • Strength Training for Cyclist

    Strength Training for Cyclist

    It's leg day! Get Ready to fire up the legs, glutes, and core! Bring along a closed-loop band, a med ball if you have one and dumbbells. You will need lots of space for this workout. Workout Details
    Monster Walk Lunge and Twist with Med Ball Single Leg Deadlift Reverse Lunge Front Squats with Band Deadlift with Row 4 Sets - 8 Reps/10Reps/12 Reps/15 Reps same weight. Thanks a million to Phil Burt, physiotherapist and bike fitter with Team Sky and British Triathlon Team. I had the pleasure of spending two awesome sessions with him at the Endurance Coaching Summit in Manchester, UK. His book is called Strength and Conditioning for Cyclists. A great read! ....

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  • Intervals on the Bike

    Workout Description 10 min warm-up 6 x 40"/20" off building to Z5 3 min recovery 5 sets of building by the minute always taking 2 min recovery in between each set 1) 4 min Z4/1min Z5 - 2 min rest 2) 3 min Z4/2min Z5 - 2 min rest 3) 2 min Z4/3min Z5 - 2 min rest 4) 1 min Z4/4min Z5 - 2 min rest 5) 5 min Z5 Cool down for 6 minutes ....

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  • Tuning Up Your Bike at Home

    Tuning Up Your Bike at Home

    It’s time to get your bike out on the road! Join Coach Julia Aimers as she shows you how to do a light tune-up on your bike so it is safe and smooth. She also shares what she checks on all her accessories so you have the confidence to hit the road. She strongly recommends taking your bike to your LBS like Full Cycle in Orleans but until then this light tune-up will get you started. ....

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  • Yoga for Cyclist

    Yoga for Cyclist

    Join Coach Julia Aimers for a Yoga practice for cyclists. In this class, you will focus on firing up the cycling muscles used to keep you in the aero bars and balanced on the bike. You will be releasing the lower back using flossing techniques for the femoral nerve which often gets aggravated in cycling. All you need is a mat and a little playfulness and curiosity. ....

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  • Hatha Flow Yoga Practice with Singing Bowl

    Hatha Flow Yoga Practice with Singing Bowl

    Join Coach Julia Aimers for a Hatha Flow Yoga class with Singing Bowl while focusing on Heart Chakra and Balancing Meditation. Balance your heart chakra and slow down your sympathetic nervous system as you flow through a peaceful and calming Hatha flow yoga sequence. This is a great class for recovering from stress or a tough workout. Tune into the vibration of the singing bowl meditation. ....

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  • ABC's of Running - Warm Up and Workout

    Join Coach Maggie as she takes you through running drills to get you warmed up and working on form Warm-up

    ABC's/Karaoke Side Lunge Pistol Run Running arms - arms triangle - do not cross the centre line of body Arm Warmup Leaning Sprints - Skip, Jog, Sprint Run Workout

    10 min Z1/Z2 5 x 10" stride/50" easy 6 - 8 reps of 1"Z5/2" easy 10 min Cooldown Z1/Z2 ....

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