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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - Summer Highlights from Team Triumph Triathlon Club

    Summer Highlights from Team Triumph Triathlon Club

    Team Triumphers Have Been Busy Training, Racing and Adventuring It's been a busy Summer so far on the race scene and it's been great seeing everyone enjoying theirfitness and putting it to the test in the water, on the bike and on the roads.For most of usin Team Triumph, being fit is not only about competing in triathlons, it's also about being able to go on adventures into the wild and rock climb, take the kids on a canoe camping trip, kayak, mountain bike, trail run in the Yukon or hike the highest peaks in the Arctic! It's been such a joy to see all of the pictures of the various adventures. The pictures open the doors to possibilities for everyone. Below are some of the ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - Meech Lake Triathlon and Celebrate Summer Awards

    Meech Lake Triathlon and Celebrate Summer Awards

    Mike Collingwood Meech Lake Triathlon 2018 TRIUMPHANT TURNOUT AT THE MEECH LAKE TRIATHLON! Thank you to all of the Team Triumphers who baked, volunteered, coordinated and competed in the Meech Lake Triathlon this year.There were a total of 45 of us from Team Triumph involved in the race and helping to raise $5000 for the Ottawa Heart Institute!! Thanks To Our Volunteers: Martin Couet - Volunteer Coordinator Tara McGowan - Food Coordinator Roylana and Yves Larochelle - Water/Run Coordonators DavidGoldsmith & Kevin Willis -Bike Coordinators Don Stewart - T2 Coordinator Sue Martin-Bush Pauline Lynch-Stewart Cary Willis John McGowan Sevak Manjikian Patrick Wong ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - Tremblant-Syracuse-Welland-Tinman-Smith Falls Race Highlights

    Tremblant-Syracuse-Welland-Tinman-Smith Falls Race Highlights

    Tremblant Ironman Weekend2018 CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU! Congratulations to all of the Team Triumphers who raced the Sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman Races. It was a joy to race with some of you and cheer on the rest of you. Thanks so much to everyone who cheered us on and ourfamilieswho carted our stuff around and supported us at our races!! The weather could not have been better, the lake was a perfect temperature, the wind picked up on Sunday just after most had turned around on the bike, and the sprinkles of rain came when most were done running - and those runningcould use the cool off. We had one podium finish on the weekend which went to Debi Zaret who camein 1st ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - Team Triumpher Spotlight - Ariane Zeba

    Team Triumpher Spotlight - Ariane Zeba

    Ariane Zeba meets her goal of becoming a swimmer and doing triathlons!
    When I started with Team Triumph I was working out a little bit with a personal trainer and irregularly attending group lessons at a gym. My husband and Iarrived in Ottawa and I began to look up triathlon clubs on the Internet for my husband to train with a club. At first, Team Triumphlooked like a pro club. I must admit that I was a bit intimidated when I first signed up, but my fears were assuaged because the coaches are very welcoming and so are the members of the club. How I joined Team Triumph is an example of how sharing your dream with someone can lead to the realization of that dream! During a hike, I shared ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - Weekend Highlights (Riverkeeper and more)

    Weekend Highlights (Riverkeeper and more)

    Team Triumph had another great turnout at the Ottawa River Triathlon on the weekend. The weather was ideal and the water was cool but not freezing. The attraction to this triathlon is that your transitions don't count so it's basically 3 time trials. You can take as long as you like to change, drink, stretch and smell the flowers. It's a great training race to try out clothing and fuel for your A race. Jacques Denault just turned 70 and that didn't stop him from doing his first duathlon. His wife Sue Bennett was there doing the Sprint Triathlon without a wetsuit! Congratulations to everyone!! SPRINT TRIATHLON: Sevak Manjikian - 2nd AG Lucie Tremblay- 4th Overall/1st ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - Incredible Racing at Perth Triathlon

    Incredible Racing at Perth Triathlon

    WHAT AN INCREDIBLE DAY AT THE PERTH TRIATHLON!! Thanks a million to Triumpher Kris Plant and her team for putting on another spectacular event! We had a record-setting 25Team Triumph members competing this year..woo hoo!! There were so many amazing stories to be told today;from where everyone started and where they are now. It's all about the journey and for some, it has just begun. For others, it's a test of the three sports and what life throws at you from one year to the next. What stands out, is that no matter what,we stay healthy and fit and keep coming back year after year. It's equally important that wehave the same joy crossing the finish line as we did the years before. As you ....

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  • ORW Extravaganza. Our Team Rocked it out there!!!

    Congratulations to everyone who raced, cheered and volunteered for Ottawa's largest race weekend! It was great to see somany familiar faces whether at the race expo, on the course or cheering. Check out all of the latest results and pictures below from Triumpherspast and present... MARATHON FINISHERS Julie Lafrance - 1st Marathon Steve Swanwick - 1st Marathon Glen Paradis - Personal Best Coach Maggie - 11th in AG - Boston Qualifier Wendy Gifford - Happy to be marathoning again :) Kevin Mercer - Boston Qualifier Valerie Bellemare Debbie Ward Kris Plant - Out pacing her son :) HALF MARATHON Gary Maxwell - 19th in AG John McGowan Kit E Kory MacDonald - Guide ....

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  • Team Triumpher's Race Highlights

    AT THE RACES! CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE ....who participated in the Early Bird Triathlon Races on the weekend! Roylana , Albert and Dan completed their 1st triathlon and we had many on the podium on the weekend. Super Sprint Triathlon Ariane Zeba - 4th AG Sprint Triathlon Sue Bennett - 1st AG Roylana Larochelle- 11th AG and son, Albert Larochelle 4th AG Kevin Mercer - 1st AG Long Course Triathlon Christine Demers - 4th AG Cecile Beaurepaire - 4th AG Dan Begin - 3rdAG Byron Johnson - 2nd AG Coach Julia - 2nd AG Long Course Duathlon Gary Maxwell - 1st AG Sprint Duathlon Pam Dilawri - 2nd Overall, 1st AG Long Course Swim - Cycle Nancy St-Germain ....

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  • Triathlon Transitions Clinic

    The Transitions Area is NOT a rest stop. They are another leg of a triathlon, but shorter. Most people would not do a triathlon without having swum, run or cycled, right? Same should go for transitions. At our transition clinic, we shared some great tips to makethose transition smooth, reviewing what to bring and how to prepare forrace day. We then put those finely tuned skills into practice doing sweet spot bike intervals followed by zone 2 runs. This is a great workout to prepare and train for the transition from bike to run. ....

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  • Mont Tremblant Training Camp Highlights

    TEAM TRIUMPH TREMBLANT TRAINING CAMP 2018 A good time was had by all at camp! We were "blessed" with all kinds of weather. We had a warm rain as we climbed and descended Duplessis so we could all get used to riding it in the rain, and then a cold front pulled in and we were challenged to dress for a cool run and a windy and cold long ride. Again, great mental preparation for "anything can happen on race day". The St-Jovite pool was awesome and gave everyone an opportunity to work on triathlon passing and sighting skills plus a few tough drills and sets. Thanks a million to Debi Zaret who graciously hosted the potluck and the 3 Coaches Talk on Tricks of the Triathlon Trade. ....

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