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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - Twas The Night Before Tri Christmas!

    Twas The Night Before Tri Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Team Triumph Coaching Staff!
    From: Maggie. Brenda, David, Ashlen, Julia and Paula
    We look forward to helping you CRUSH your goals in 2018!!

    Twas the night before a tri Christmas, when all through the house, Not a triathlete was stirring, not even their spouse; The wetsuits were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that TriSanta soon would be there; The running shoes were nestled all snug in their boxes by the beds, While visions of personal best danced in the triathletes heads; And the tribike in the garage, and I in my swim cap, Had just settled down for a long ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - A Merry Stem Cell Christmas!

    A Merry Stem Cell Christmas!

    A Merry Stem Cell Christmas! by: Julia Aimers Owner and Head Coach Team Triumph Triathlon Club Today I ran 10km in the beautiful hills of Vermont. No big deal right?...for some people, and for others well, they just don't run. Why am I feeling so Merry? Because I haven't been able to run 10km in 5 years. My last long running race was the Shelburne, Vermont half marathon in November of 2012. A skating accident in February of 2013 on the world's longest skating rink, the famous Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Ontario damaged my previously damaged knee and took me out of running. Without going into the trials and tribulations of what happened between then and now, I can tell you that I had a ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - 7 Tips for Winter Running

    7 Tips for Winter Running

    A FUN throw back picture from the St Paddy's Day races from 5 years ago. As you can tell it was a COLD day out there so we layered up and rocked it! Paula Burchat, Team Triumph's Friday Running Club coach and Massage Therapist has some awesome tips below for winter running... Adapting to Winter Running Conditions Paula Burchat
    Training for spring races and events can be extremely challenging in a cold climate. You want to follow your program and have a good routine in place so your body can adapt to gradual training changes. However, it is important to be prepared to adapt to the changing winter weather conditions. Losing training days due to ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - Where Do You Look When You take Your Breath?

    Where Do You Look When You take Your Breath?

    This week in the pool, we worked on whale eye, pirate mouth and laser beam. Where Do You Look? :
    During your next swim, take a couple of laps and start to notice where you look when you take your inhale. If you are looking at the ceiling, you are looking to high! Start playing with looking at the buoy line and looking back slightly over shoulder. Whale Eye:
    Think about rotating hips, shoulders and head so that you can get just one goggle (whale eye) out of the water when you inhale. Pirate Mouth:
    As you take your breath, take your mouth off to the side like a pirate saying "argh", matey do you want to go to sea? Laser Beam:

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - 5 WAYS TO EAT HEALTHY ON A BUDGET by Ashlen Leonard Team Triumph Nutrition Coach

    5 WAYS TO EAT HEALTHY ON A BUDGET by Ashlen Leonard Team Triumph Nutrition Coach

    5 Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget
    Maintaining a healthy eating routine takes hard work, commitment and investment- both time and money. It is true that ordering fresh produce and lean protein will most likely hit your wallet harder than a Big Mac will. However, there are ways to make healthier choices in your every day life without taking out a loan.
    Location, location, location
    Where you buy your groceries is a huge contributor to the monthly food bill. Grocery stores like Whole Foods, Farmboy, and Sobeys tend to be on the higher end of the spectrum. No Frills, Metro and Loblaws/Superstore are a few of the less expensive locations. You could also sign ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - 4 MORE DAYS UNTIL GO TIME!


    Get your dancing shoes's time to get this party started!! We have just 4 more days until we launch Team Triumph's biggest season yet! This season we are introducing a new Swim Class on Sundays at 7:30am with Ironman Hawaii finisher coach Maggie King and our new Running Club workouts on Fridays at 9:00am in the Arboretum with endurance running coach and massage therapist Paula Burchat!! What an incredible season it is going to be! With training camps in Utah in April and Tremblant in May we are stoked to get your training started!! If you're not sure if you're ready to commit to a program with a proven track record of taking newbies to Ironman, Sprint Distance ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - $100 Team Triumph Giveaway!!!

    $100 Team Triumph Giveaway!!!

    We are giving away $100 dollars
    to the next NEW member to join Team Triumph!! Our goal in 2017 was to reach 100 members and we are currently at 99 members!! Thank you to everyone who has continued to support Team Triumph. To celebrate member ONE HUNDRED
    , we are giving the next NEW member to join a Team Triumph group program a $100 credit to your account when you join!! If you have been sitting on the fence about whether to join us this season, jump online and register for a Team Triumph program NOW before someone else gets this amazing offer! If you're wondering if you will indeed be #100, please text - AM I #ONE HUNDRED? TO 613 298 8837
    Once you have registered for the program, ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - Do You Remember This Race?

    Do You Remember This Race?

    Do you remember this race? It was 2001, Simon Whitfield had just won the Olympics in Sydney and Canada was inspired to try a triathlon!! Two Mum's asked me if I could coach them personally while their kids were at school, knowing that I had organized a triathlon club in the 90's while working full time as the Fitness Director at the Ottawa Athletic Club. Many people ask me why is it that most of your programs are during the "work day"? Team Triumph's foundation was built 16 years ago for parents who wanted a structured, fun, social and science based triathlon program when their kids were at school. Quite frankly, I was in the same boat. After school, I put on my Taxi ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - Tremblant Ironman Inspiration

    Tremblant Ironman Inspiration

    It doesn't take much to complete an Ironman. It's a 4km Swim - 180km Bike - 42km Run. Easy right? I don't think so! It takes years of preparation to learn to be competent at all three sports, compete at shorter triathlons and train your butt off! These three athletes from Team Triumph proved that anything is possible when you have the will and determination to get to the finish line of an Ironman.
    I guess I would have to say I am very happy with my race. I didn't have a time in mind, just to finish. It was an incredible experience. I did the swim very conservatively since I knew I had a long day ahead. I had lots of energy coming out of ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - Does Strength Training for Triathletes Make a Difference?

    Does Strength Training for Triathletes Make a Difference?

    Does Strength Training for Triathletes really make a difference? I believe it does and so does Pauline. Pauline just finished her first Half Iron Swim 2km - Bike 90km Triathlon to celebrate her 60th Birthday!! With hard work in the gym, in the lake and on the bike, not only did she meet her expectations but she exceeded them! Follow her story here: PAULINE'S HALF IRON SWIM - CYCLE JOURNEY What a fun race! I enjoyed every minute of the swimming and cycling. And it inspired renewed admiration for all of my friends in Team Triumph who jump off the bike after 90 km and run a half marathon! I don’t have much to say about the actual race. Except to again thank those who spent hours ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - TOP 10 LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE MUSSELMAN TRIATHLON 2017


    TOP 10 LESSONS LEARNED -FROM THE MUSSELMAN TRIATHLON 2017 A couple of weeks ago a group of 15 Team Triumphers went to the Musselman Triathlon in Geneva, New York. After the race, we had a debrief on our successes, challenges and lessons learned. Here is the list of our lessons learned. Feel free to share it with your fellow triathletes! 1) Always ride your bike before your race. If your gears got messed up in transportation, that's a long 90km with messed up gears! 2) When it's HOT outside, take a dip in the lake then keep your core temperature down by waiting to put on your wetsuit, keeping it up only half way and then only put your swim cap on just before you go in. 3) Learn how to ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - Use This Technique If YOU Want to Swim Straight in Open Water!

    Use This Technique If YOU Want to Swim Straight in Open Water!

    Check out this awesome video of a sighting technique in open water we call alligator eyes. Works like a charm! The eyes lift just out of the water and then your breathe to the side. As you lift your eyes the lead arm stays where it is and presses down slightly to help you lift your eyes. It's just the eyes not the nose and mouth. If you lift too high, the legs will sink and break your stroke rhythm. Line yourself up right in front of the swim buoy and lift your eyes every 6 or 9 strokes. If you're a bilateral swimmer but more comfortable breathing to the right, every time you breathe right get in the habit of lifting the eyes. Sometimes you will see well, sometimes you won't but at least ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - Team Triumph Rocks Tremblant Ironman Weekend!

    Team Triumph Rocks Tremblant Ironman Weekend!

    Congratulations to Team Triumpher's past and present for completing the Ironman 70.3 and the 5150 in Mt Tremblant this weekend!! We are just in the door from an exciting day tracking Triumphers on the course. I was so impressed and proud of everyone out there doing the best with who they are and their life situations. Everyone has a story and a reason why. What's important is that you are all out there doing what so few people in this world can do. You all completed what you set out to do and hopefully had fun training and completing it. Our top female athlete of the day was Laurie Gorman in a time of 5:10 and 7th overall in her age category. Our top ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - YOU NEED to read this if you're TAPERING!

    YOU NEED to read this if you're TAPERING!

    - NO added sugar, NO processed food or junk food. Set a race weight of 2-5 lbs less than you are and reach for it! 2)
    - 8-10 hours of sleep a night 3)
    - Keep up your daily workouts but the duration should be shorter. Keep the intensity going but nothing that will make you really sore. Get a massage or athletic therapy after you last tough workout (4 days before) 5)
    Swim - Check wetsuit, practice taking it off. Check goggles - make sure they don't don't leak or fog Bike - Get it tuned up, plug in your D12, check to make sure your brakes aren't rubbing! Run ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - Ironman Syracuse 70.3 & Ottawa International Triathlon Championships!

    Ironman Syracuse 70.3 & Ottawa International Triathlon Championships!

    According to John, who also raced Syracuse on Sunday, the swim was choppy, the bike was really windy and the run was HOT, HOT, HOT!! But, the weather conditions didn't stop John or Katryna from finishing the Syracuse 70.3. Congratulations to you both! Katryna, a Mum of two young children started with Team Triumph in the Fall doing a few private swim lessons and spinning. She had completed a short triathlon last year on a hybrid bike and doing breast stroke. As I told her when we met, we have a sharp learning curve, but I made it my job to try to give her as much information possible to get her to the finish line. After that it was ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - It's All About the Pie... At The Perth Triathlon!

    It's All About the Pie... At The Perth Triathlon!

    Thanks to Kris Plant and the team of organizers for bringing back the Perth Triathlon! It's the perfect season kick off or newbie event. For Team Triumph it's all about racing for the pie if you win your category. Something about winning a dessert just sweetens the deal :) The potluck at the end of this awesome community event is a pretty sweet feature as well. Congratulations to everyone who participated! Everyone who started, finished. Tara completed her first triathlon and Team Triumph picked up a few pie and cookie awards! It was great to see Triumphers encouraging each other and we are always so grateful when Heather's pompoms come out at the finish line! RESULTS
    Team ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - Team Triumph Successes At The Early Bird Triathlon!

    Team Triumph Successes At The Early Bird Triathlon!

    Team Triumph Successes at the Early Bird Triathlon!!
    We had 11 Team Triumphers at the Early Bird Triathlon this year at it was great to see them out doing their best! I had many proud coaching moments on the course! The weather was beautifully sunny but freezing!!! Most of us had to put on jackets, socks and pants!! I decided to make my transition to warm clothes coming right out of the pool so I didn't catch a chill. I even wore my swim cap all the way to the bike to stay warm. Congrats to all who participated!
    Sprint Triathlon
    Lucie - 1/20 in age category and 7th overall Katryna - 6/16 age category (2nd triathlon and gunning for the Syracuse Half Iron!) Coach :) - 1/17 in age ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - Our Members Rock: Member Appreciation Week!

    Our Members Rock: Member Appreciation Week!

    TEAM TRIUMPH MEMBERS ROCK!!! To show our appreciation to our loyal members, this week is member appreciation week. THE NEXT DRINK IS ON US: After all of the workouts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week, we will be serving up FREE smoothies, coffees or teas! MULTI SPORT AWARDS: This week we will be presenting our Winter multi sport awards to the members with near perfect attendance in swim, bike, run, strength and run workouts and who exemplify our definition of team spirit! FREE 5KM TIME TRIAL RUN: On Friday, we will be giving you the opportunity test your 5km speed on our measured 5km running route from the Ottawa Athletic Club. Please be sure to register on Amilia under the ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - Team Triumph Race Reports and News

    Team Triumph Race Reports and News

    Heather's Florida Race Reports
    5k Race
    "Had a wonderful time at the 5k fundraiser run for Special Populations! Flirted with some cute Cape Coral Firefighters and danced with some great walkers and volunteers. Managed to come FIRST in my age category out of ONE! I am stiff competition for ...myself!! 28 minutes... Needed to reapply my lipstick at the finish line! ????!!" 10 K in Naples
    Fundraiser for youth music scholarships Just under an hour ....59 min Explanations (excuses!): *It was HOT at 8:00 A.M. ! * my piercing toe cramp 7 K * I was trying to keep up with a man 10 years older than I am who told me he would run with me for a while because he was recovering from an ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - Luc Storms the Paris Marathon!

    Luc Storms the Paris Marathon!

    Luc Storms the Paris Marathon! "Paris was great, I fell in love with this city, it has changed a lot since my last visit. We had a wonderful time, visited the sites of Paris, walked, ate, climbed stairs, ate ?? The RACE: It went almost according to plan, wasn't prepared for 25c at 11AM, not even a cloud in the sky lol! The first 30km was perfect, then it got a little slower because of the narrow roads, creating a funnel effect. We even had to come to almost a complete stop. There was complete chaos in the refreshment zone, slippery with banana and orange peels + water on the ground... but what the hell it makes for great conversation after the race lol! Forgot, one toe was bleeding ....

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  • Our Training Camp Secret is Out!!

    OUR TRAINING CAMP SECRET IS OUT!! If you thought that training camp is all about training well, I guess what happens at training camp didn't stay at training camp! The bonus of training camp is enjoying local delectable treats! This deelish Mexican restaurant is so good we went back three times! The famous Veyo Pie shop, (which Kevin looks pretty happy about) has been visited by cyclists from all over the world! It's a stop on the awesome Veyo loop which we ride right from the front door of our resort. Training camp is really about making great friends, exploring the vast beauty of Utah, learning new skills and throwing some great fitness in the mix. We have beginners coming who ....

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  • What Are Your Race Goals for 2017??

    SET AND SHARE YOUR GOALS FOR 2017! January is not only a time to set resolutions, it is also a time to set your goals for the 2017 racing season. For many people, having a goal keeps you motivated to stick with your training. If you know where you're headed then it's also much easier to plan your training schedule. Start by picking your A race. Your A race is the most important race that you either want to complete or do really well in. From there what are the B races or events that are going to help you practice or build up to your A race. C races can be road races, time trials or distance swimming events that get you stoked for the main event. Take the time now to look at the event ....

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  • Team Triumph's Event Calendar 2017

    TEAM TRIUMPH EVENTS It's always fun to travel to an event with your teammates! Here is a list of upcoming events that are popular with the gang at Team Triumph: Jan 16 - Richmond Road Race Feb 4 - Winterlude Triathlon Feb 13 - Beat The Blues Triumph Retreat at Le Nordik - (tba) Feb 18-19 - Gatineau Loppet Feb 19 - Winterman Road Races March 26 - Around the Bay 30k, Hamilton May 6 - Wakefield Covered Bridge Runs April 1 - 10: Triumph Utah Training Camp May 11-12 - Triumph Tremblant Training Camp May 20 - Somersault Early Bird Triathlon at Carleton U May 27-28 - Ottawa Race Weekend June 3 - Perth Triathlon?? June 10 - Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour or Somersault Ottawa River Triathlon June 17 ....

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  • A Facelift for Team Triumph!

    Our website is in the process of getting a facelift and a new registration operating system. For now you are seeing the bare bones website until we present you the new and improved website which is coming soon! ....

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  • Holiday Gift Certificates Available Here!

    How does it work? Choose the amount and we will email the completed gift certifcate to send along to family and friends. Can be used for any private or group training and products on our website! ....

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  • The Positive Crusade!!

    THE POSITIVE CRUSADE! If you were in one of my spinning or yoga classes this week, you have probably heard about my latest crusade! Yes, my no added sugar crusade is still on but now I have challenged myself and some of you and your families to join the Positive Crusade! STOP COMPLAINING! After reading the article in the Globe and Mail last week on "How Complaining Rewires Your Brain for Negativity", I learned about how the same way we create compensation patterns for injuries we get rewired for complaining and our life can become more negative. If you have someone in your family who complains a lot that complaining can be like second hand smoke and before you know the whole family is ....

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  • Bring a Buddy Holiday Spin Class

    REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR THE FREE BRING A BUDDY HOLIDAY SPIN CLASS!! Click the link, click atend and then you and your buddy are in! ....

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  • Team Triumph Saturday Morning Program

    Sadly those hot and sunny cycling days are over. Time to come in from the rain. BUT.....We are EXCITED to announce that Team Triumph will be adding a Saturday Triumph Program!! STARTS: SATURDAY, NOV 19TH 10:15-11:45AM OTTAWA ATHLETIC CLUB non members welcome Discover what all the excitement is about!!! We will be offering our popular Spin/Run/Strength Program on Saturdays at 10:15am! Join coach Julia and her team for a periodized program that develops your endurance, power and speed over the Winter months. Each class builds on the last using your personal training zones. You will learn to feel what training zone you are in so you know when to push and when to hold back when you go ....

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  • Triathlon: From Beginner to Ironman

    TEAM TRIUMPH & THE OTTAWA ATHLETIC CLUB PRESENT: TRIATHLON: From Beginner to Ironman Saturday, October 1st 10:30-11:30am Ottawa Athletic Club With Julia Aimers (Certified Exercise Physiologist & Head Coach of Team Triumph Triathlon Club) Featuring Kevin Willis PhD (Ultraman Canada Winner and 2 time Ironman Hawaii Finisher) Discover what it takes to go from being a beginner triathlete to the winner of Ultraman Canada. Kevin Willis will share some of his secrets about how he puts his training, racing and nutrition plan together. As a leading Canadian expert in salt and health, Kevin will also talk about his thoughts on salt, hydration and supplements. To reserve your spot, join ....

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  • Margaret Qualifies for Kona!!

    A HUGE congratulations to Margaret for coming in 1st in your age category and qualifying for Kona (the Ironman World Championships!) Margaret set her sights on Kona last Fall and has worked extremely hard to achieve her goal. She diligently worked at her training plan, carefully adjusted her diet and never missed a beat. Margaret has proven to all of us that if you have a goal and stick to the plan that anything is possible! I'm sure I can speak for all of us with Team Triumph, WE are all so proud of you and wish you nothing but the best on your journey in Kona!! ....

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  • 8 FOR 8: Congratulations to All of Our Tremblant Ironman Finishers!!

    From what I have heard it was a rough day on the Ironman course yesterday, (I think that might be an understatement!) The rain came down hard throughout the entire bike course but that didn't stop all 8 who I was following from finishing the race. Congratulations to everyone who had the guts to sign up, train hard and start the race and congrats to all who finished!! Linda, who sustained a bad injury just before the Boston marathon and was unable to complete the race not only got to the finish line but came 7th in her age category! Several weeks ago we chatted about the possibility of even doing the race. We carefully adjusted her plan to make sure that she could put her best effort ....

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  • Having a Blast at the Brockville Triathlon

    We had a blast today in Brockville! Team Triumphers were out in flying colours! What a great surprise to see Theresa (original club memeber from 16 years ago) and her hsuband John, and Peter at the race! We were all grateful to have long time member Suzanne at the triathlon. She really undersatnds what being part of a team is all about. She has done the race many times annd was quick to search out our newsest member Monique and give her and the rest of the gang last minute tips for success! Monique quickly learned how much fun it can be to train and race with a triathlon club! ....

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  • Monique Completes her 1st Triathlon in Brockville

    Monique started private swimming lessons with us in June to learn how to swim front crawl. Her goal was to do a triathlon next Summer but she was really worried about the swim. She caught on to the Total Immersion swim technique really quickly and practiced dilligently. After just 5 lessons and a one on one coaching session on how to do your frist traithlon, she completed her first super sprint triathlon at the Somersault Brockville Triathlon! Not only did she complete the race but Monique came 1st in her age category and 5th overall in the women! Congratulations Monique!!! Now Monique had graduated to taking our group classes and she's working on her speed! If you would like to improve ....

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  • Triumps at Bring on the Bay 3km Swim

    We had a perfect day for the 3km swim this year and it was great to see so many Triumphers old and new out there doing their best. We had our first two podium finishes! Chris came 2nd in his age cat finishing in a time of 46:35 without a wetsuit! Renee came 3rd in her age cat! MEANWHILE IN MUSKOKA... MUSKOKA IRONMAN 70.3 It's always a reassuring feeling to know you're not alone out there on race day especially when it's your 1st race! Thanks to Carl for connecting Phil, John and Christine together. Congrats to all of you! CARL SPEEDS TO THE FINISH LINE IN MUSKOKA! " are an Ironman!!" ....

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  • Team Triump Triathlon Club- Heading Outside!

    Team Triumph Triathlon Club is heading outside for the Summer and we would love to have you join us!! Starting May 10th: Triathlon Clinics and Workouts Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00-11:15am Featuring - Group Riding Skills, Transition Training, Climbing/Descending and Gearing, Brick Training in the Gats, Time Trials, Pond Swims and Meech Lake Feasts - Swim, Bike Run the Meech Lake Triathlon course. Starting May 20th: Group Rides Fridays 11:00-3:00pm Casual lovely rides exploring the roads and cafes of Ottawa Gatineau Region Starting June 27th: Meech Lake Open Water Swims Mondays 10:00am Weekly open water swims in the fresh waters of Meech Lake exploring the islands ....

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  • Team Triumph Triathlon Club- Spring Programs

    BE PREPARED FOR RACE SEASON!! In just a few weeks the 1st triathlon of the season will hit the Ottawa area. Are you really ready to race? Be prepared and get race ready with Team Triumph! Sharpen your swimming skills and speed, increase your power on the bike and run like the wind. Work on your transitions and learn about fuelling. TRAINING FOR YOU... DURING THE WORK DAY Team Triumph provides great training opportunities during the work day for people who are retired, work shifts, stay at home with their kids and business owners with flexible schedules. GET TOP NOTCH COACHING! Get top notch coaching from a Certified Triathlon Coach and Exercise Physiologist with over 25 years of ....

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  • CHI Running Workshop!

    CHI RUNNING WORKSHOP Friday, April 1st 9:00-12:00pm Ottawa Athletic Club We're excited to announce that Eric Collard, Chi Running Certified Instructor is booked for a Chi Running Workshop on Friday, April 1st at the Ottawa Athletic Club (2525 Lancaster Rd). Non members welcome!! THE CHIRUNNING TECHNIQUE Since 1999, ChiRunning has helped thousands of runners transform their technique - reducing, preventing and recovering from injuries. Runners of all ages and levels have improved their efficiency and performance, and now find running to be pain-free, easier, and enjoyable. The main principles of ChiRunning include: Relaxation Correct alignment and posture Landing with a ....

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  • 5 Reasons to Quit Added Sugar Now! The Sugar Coated Truth Series: Part IV

    I don’t want to sound like an alarmist but the more I’m reading about added sugar, the more I realize how much better off I am without it! My curiosity has lead me to this week’s article on what eating too much added sugar actually does to the human body. I started by looking at the health association websites to find position statements on the effects of added sugar on cancer, heart disease and diabetes, and then broadened my scope to the Harvard and Web MD type websites. I did find a few disconnects when it came to getting real answers. In the meantime, while more research needs to be done, most sites agree to stop eating the white stuff and start eating more of the ....

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  • To Tax or Not to Tax: Which one has more sugar?

    WHICH ONE HAS MORE SUGAR? STARBUCKS GRANDE SOY CHAI LATTE 36 GRAMS OF SUGAR 1 CAN OF POP 39 GRAMS OF SUGAR 1 BOTTLE OF GATORADE 35 GRAMS OF SUGAR If you guessed the can of pop, you're correct but the other sugary beverages aren't far behind! Today (February 9th, 2016) the Dietitians of Canada released a new position statement recommending that the government put a 10-20% tax on sugary drinks due to "the negative impact of these products on the health of the population" ( Other health organizations have also chimed in to agree with this position statement. Will taxing the products be enough or do Canadians ....

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  • St. George Utah: Triathlon Training Camp Update

    ST GEORGE, UTAH TRAINING CAMP UPDATE We have 11 people booked so far and the hotel has given us an extension until Feb 19th to add two more suites. We can take 4 more happy campers!! Join us for an awesome week of training in: St George, Utah!! April 3-10th, 2016 Swim, Bike, Run, Hike, Spa, Do Yoga Pick from the menu or do it all! We will be staying at Red Mountain Resort at the base of Snow Canyon State Park. A beautiful red rock playground. We have all levels and ages of campers from the Ultraman Canadian champ to beginners. No one will get left behind! Included: Kitchenette Suite at Red Mountain 4 Star Resort Transportation around St George Professionally coached ....

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