Team Triumph Triathlon Club Reviews

  • Anna Belanger, Team Triumph Triathlon Club Testimonials

    Coach Julia has changed my ways in the water! In my mid 40s I came to Julia not knowing how to front crawl. In fact I barely made it 10 metres on our initial assessment. Well here I am, 17weeks later, still learning and getting better with every swim, swimming 1700m. I would have never imagined such improvement in such a short time. Julia’s coaching was clear, concise and calm. Very grateful that I found her!

    Anna Belanger
  • Julia Vlaming, Team Triumph Triathlon Club Testimonials

    I went to one of Julia’s spin classes about a year ago. Best spin class ever! I wanted to know what made her so awesome and she told me about Team Triumph. I was slightly terrified, because I was out of shape! Out of shape people don’t do triathlons, but I had nothing to worry about. The coaches are really knowledgeable and everyone was so encouraging and supportive! Teammates would ask if I was coming to next practice, so there was a level of accountability. Oh, and I saw results! 
    I swam 4k! and I biked 93k last Summer with the group! I’ve never done that before, it was amazing! 
    My running still needs work, but my ankle doesn’t hurt when I run now and I don’t feel like I’m going to throw up, so that’s pretty great! 
    I’m down 14 pounds, my body is happier. Also, my 3 year old told me he wants to be fast like mama. I’m proud of that. 

    Julia Vlaming
  • Renee R., Team Triumph Triathlon Club Testimonials

    What I found by joining Team Triumph, in addition to great coaching, were a group of lovely women whose company I thoroughly enjoyed. Workouts continue to be seriously engrossing but so is the camaraderie and upbeat spirit of my teammates. I am blessed to have very close friendships because of this. Team Triumph is at the heart of what makes all my exercise plans so much fun!

    Renee R.
  • Claude, Team Triumph Triathlon Club Testimonials

    I believe that training with Team Triumph and learning to swim in the pool and open water has allowed me to further appreciate the outdoors.  Without the club I would still be on the beach, cheering on the Mont Tremblant triathlon athletes instead of being one of them! 

  • Ariana Z., Team Triumph Triathlon Club Testimonials

    By joining Team Triumph I have become a swimmer and triathlete, have more confidence in my abilities and I have met some awesome people. I do not want to think about where I would be if I had not started training with them. I am really happy to be where I am at today.  

    Ariana Z.
  • Julie W., Team Triumph Triathlon Club Testimonials

    I came out of the first swim class feeling like I had a new lease on life. I was so exhilarated by the intensity of the workout and the supported feeling of having a coach that watched and helped you to get to the best you could be

    Julie W.
  • Cecil B., Team Triumph Triathlon Club Testimonials

    What I like most about Team Triumph is the quality of coaching, and the individualized approach.

    Cecil B.
  • Linda Lafrance, Team Triumph Triathlon Club Testimonials

    No one was more surprised than me that I became a tri athlete in my middle years. After doing my first sprint tri, in the spring of 2009, I was hooked. I also knew that if I wanted to do better and keep motivated, I needed a coach. Julia Aimers from Team Triumph came highly recommended to me by one of her clients. As a health care professional I was naturally skeptical. Julia amazed me with her approach and her knowledge. Her programs, training camps and her coaching guided me to many endurance competitions including 3 iron man distances. Team Triumph is made up of wonderful, supportive and upbeat people that I love to train and spend time with.

    Linda Lafrance
  • Caroline Horsburgh, Team Triumph Triathlon Club Testimonials

    I can’t speak highly enough about Julia Aimer’s Team Triumph. The members cover the entire spectrum of abilities—from Ironman Champs all the way to completing a 5k race on crutches. Everyone’s successes are cheered on by this friendly group of athletes. Julia is at the centre of it with workouts accessible to all levels. Her enthusiasm and patience make each session fun. Julia keeps current with the latest research, making her a versatile coach; she incorporates new skills into existing programs. I belonged to 2 other triathlon clubs before joining Team Triumph, I felt at home immediately.

    Caroline Horsburgh
  • What I like most about working with Team Triumph is …...Everything! 

    • Great workouts
    • Love the Ottawa Athletic Club and use of their gym
    • Love the coaching
    • Love the people
    • Love the music 

    Julie M.
  • Kevin Willis, Team Triumph Triathlon Club Testimonials

    I joined Team Triumph in 2006 to take a spin class. As I was neither a swimmer nor a runner I never intended to become a triathlete. But with Julia’s help and encouragement I learned to swim freestyle and started running. Next Julia taught me how to execute transitions and soon I was ready to enter my first triathlon. It was great to have the support of Team Triumph as I nervously stood on the pool deck in Perth, Ontario wondering if I would make it through the 500m swim, 16 km bike, and 3 km run. I did and I was eager for more! This started a triathlon journey with Julia and Team Triumph that has taken me to both the Ironman and Ultraman World Championships. It has also given me an active lifestyle and has introduced me to an extended family of Team Triumph athletes, many of whom I now count among my closest friends.

    Kevin Willis
  • Renee Robert, Team Triumph Triathlon Club Testimonials

    Team Triumph welcomes everyone and makes space regardless of your experience. Such a fun- loving group of people who are highly supportive of one another. Coach Julia Aimers provides a wonderful variety of activities-- including brick tri work outs, yoga, spinning and swimming skill building, to name just a few. Julia is a superbly organized and open person who brings her group together in a cheerful and highly skilled manner. And, I have not even mentioned what a great holiday I had at the Utah training camp last April. I attended with my daughter for a whole week of varied activities such as swimming, biking, running, yoga in the mountains and hiking at Zion National Park. We were treated with respect and Julia took into account individual needs ( such as training schedules or injuries, food requirements and restrictions)

    I highly recommend Team Triumph and Julia Aimers for training and having fun with a dedicated group.

    Renee Robert
  • Julie McInnes, Team Triumph Triathlon Club Testimonials

    So glad to be back spinning with Julia and Team Triumph this fall. I joined the group to stay fit during the shoulder seasons and it has made a huge difference in helping not only with my cycling but cross country skiing as well. I look forward to another year of great music, great coaching and most of all, lots of fun!

    Julie McInnes


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