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I wanted to let you know that the Perth triathlon was a great experience, I somehow placed third in my age group! What a supportive group of participants (including Team Triumph athletes), cheering bystanders and volunteers. 

Thanks to your swim lessons, I learned the technical basics and gained confidence to get back in the pool after decades. And it was really special doing this with Ann Laidlaw, my bestie for many years.  We did a couple of additional swims with Kevin and Team Triumph people, also a great way to continue learning and practicing good technical form.

I will continue with lane swimming and who knows, maybe there's another triathlon in my future!

Private Swim Lessons

Triathlon Training  near Team Triumph Triathlon Club + Triathlon Store

I love the accountability and the structure of the Virtual 70.3 Half Ironman training program.  I don't think I would have gotten this far without the program. The accountability is huge for me!

Deborah Jackman

Virtual 70.3 Half Ironman Course is Incredible

My coach Kevin Willis is amazing. His swim practices have been a real game-changer for me.  A great communicator regardless of your swim level.  The whole club is supportive of everything you do.  You don't need to be an Ironman to benefit from their programs.  5 stars all around!!! - Denise Pittuck

Excellent Group Swim Coaching

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Quick service. I appreciated the delivery. Very nice follow-up on how to use the float. I particularly like the valves on this float.

Brigitte Zirger


Brigitte Zirger

Great customer service

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I just wanted to thank you and your team (Gabi! Brenda! Maggie! Dawn!) for making last weekend's event so amazing. I had tried to do a try-a-tri on my own last summer, and the experience was night and day. 


Even though I didn't make every virtual session, I felt so prepared... I knew where to go for information, and I knew I had a team of people (coaches and our beginner tri group!) who were all there to support me.


It was interesting to watch Eric train on his own (without access to the TrainingPeaks workouts and without the weekly meetings to ask questions and learn more about proper form and race-day stuff). When we left on Sunday, he looked at me and was like "we're DEFINITELY doing the training with Julia if we decide to go for the olympic distance, right?". 😉


So glad to have found this club and looking forward to many more triathlons in the near future!!! Tai Teleso

Beginner Triathlon Course

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Every stroke I take, I am thankful I went to Julia Aimers and Team Triumph to learn how to swim in a way that "stuck." Every turn of the pedal, I am also so grateful for those lessons when I first purchased a road bike and for all the group riding lessons after that and the hundreds of spin classes too. Thanks, Julia and Team Triumph for teaching me all these lifelong skills in a fun way over the years. 

Theresa W

Awesome Swim and Bike Programs

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Julia is incredible, I once had a coach who told me to get good at biking and running as he couldn't do anything with my swim technique. Then I was introduced to Julia who is so patient and has an amazing ability to translate it all into a way I could understand. I knocked a minute per 100m off my open water swim times after only a handful of sessions with her. The team is also really welcoming, inclusive and most of all FUN!

Swim Coaching - Cut Time Off my 100 meter

Triathlon Training  near Team Triumph Triathlon Club + Triathlon Store

Triumph is a warm and fun place for every level of triathlete. Whether you’re just getting started and learning all about triathlon or have been at it for decades, like some of us, you will find camaraderie and expertise in this group with Julia Aimers’ support and caring. She keeps up-to-date in so many areas of training, especially for women and including women’s issues whether it be nutrition or menopause. I highly recommend Team Triumph for swimming, biking, running or putting it all together in one package. There is no other place or group,  I would rather be training with. So many of my close friends were met in this group.

There is no other place, or group, I would rather be training with.

Ottawa Ironman

As I am working on my catch and pull, I was keen to try the Finis Stability Snorkel that is available from the Team Triumph Store.  The Finis Stability Snorkel is a centre-mounted snorkel that allows you to swim freestyle without having to rotate your head to breathe.  When combined with a pull buoy or fins you can focus all your attention on your arms – hand entry, catch, pull, finish and recovery.

There is a bit of a learning curve. Using the snorkel with fins allows you to rehearse your arm movement sequence in slow motion while maintaining dynamic movement through the water.  To further isolate arm action and explore the effectiveness of your catch and pull, switch to a pull buoy.  Add back your regular kick to work on stabilizing body position and rotation in conjunction with your now perfect arm action.  Finally, ditch the snorkel and other aids and enjoy effortless freestyle with beautiful Olympian technique (or your money back).

Seriously though, I did find working with the snorkel to be very helpful.  I am also looking forward to using it in the lake this summer.  With a floaty wetsuit, no walls, lane lines or random heads-up breaststrokers I will be able to completely zone in on improving my catch and pull.

K. Willis


Finis Stability Swim Snorkel Review

Triathlon Training  near Team Triumph Triathlon Club + Triathlon Store

I started with the club a few years ago in their swimming program. At the time, I would be out of breath after two pool lengths (50 meters). Since then, I've been able to work with a few of their coaches and can now swim over a km without a second thought. It's been such a pleasure to work with everyone and grow thanks to all the help from the team and all the coaches! If you are thinking about joining I highly recommend it, it's a great club for all levels.

Became a swimmer

Triathlon Training  near Team Triumph Triathlon Club + Triathlon Store

Welcoming group, with lots of knowledge.  Happy to of joined this team!

Welcoming Group Environment

Triathlon Training  near Team Triumph Triathlon Club + Triathlon Store
“Here’s to you Julia! Over the last 25 years or so you have gathered up this ragtag community of people and infused it not only with athletic skill but with much love, passion and a huge dose of gratitude — for our health and fitness, for the places we play in, and for each other. The pandemic may have changed the nature of Team Triumph in some ways, but your rich legacy of community continues to thrive. Thanks for this incredible gift Julia!” Pauline

Great Club Atmosphere

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This program provides the intensity of workout I was looking for as well as the structure, accountability, and a nice bit of social interaction. I have found myself setting some goals again for my fitness and having fun tracking them on Zwift, Training Peaks and Strava. Thank you, Julia and all of Team Triumph for once again pushing me to work harder and to have so much fun doing it." A. Laidlaw

Virtual Cycling Club - A. Laidlaw

Ottawa Ironman
Julia, I want to thank you for all you are doing for the Team Triumph community.  I am so very glad we found Team Triumph (maybe 5 years ago?) not only for myself but for Claude as well. You have changed so many things for us -how we work out, what activities we do (like swimming for me..which I am now in love with…who knew?) and helping Claude to focus his dream to do an Ironman. And very importantly you have introduced us to so many wonderful people many of whom we now count among our good friends! I am so happy that your small business has survived when so many others have had to close. The closing of the OAC would have been much tougher for me (and for many others in TT I imagine) if I did not have this community.  

Keep up the great work! 

Ann L.

Thank You Team Triumph!

Triathlon Training  near Team Triumph


A huge thank you to my Triathlon coach, Julia Cooper-Aimers. She took the time last week to drop off (from a distance because of COVID19 restrictions) some tri shorts I ordered along with a well-appreciated note to remind me that there will be ups and downs and that things will get better. She has gone above and beyond to support all of her athletes and our Team Triumph club, by providing almost daily strength, yoga, and spinning videos that have been uploaded to Youtube for anyone who needs a little motivation during these challenging times as well as many words of encouragement. I am grateful for her support and encouragement. ❤️

Anita Lacelle Taylor

Grateful during COVID19

Triathlon Training  near Team Triumph

Training with Team Triumph for 7 months (so far) made me faster and stronger while building nourishing connections with like-minded fitness nuts and shattering the expectations I had of myself. TT is a crew of inspiring people pursuing epic individual goals and encouraging each other along the way. Julia and her team have expert knowledge and provide a thoughtful evidence-based group program that works. I am privileged and thankful to have Team Triumph in my neighborhood and can't wait to get back to the pool!

Alex Bourne

Awesome Swim Program

Triathlon Training  near Team Triumph

I want to thank you for always putting our well-being at the forefront of your business model. You suspended face-to-face programs in a timely manner, leading the way in a fitness business world that took much too long to respond and put their members’ health and the community at risk. You « triumphed « in quickly acting to flatten the curve.⁣

Your caring nature resulted in a series of innovative and fun virtual sessions and opened them to the community. I am missing the live interaction now that I am working for a few months but I appreciate that I can access the videos according to my schedule. Yin/yang session tonight, just what I needed.⁣

Not to mention the check-ins, the home deliveries, the charitable events. Priceless.⁣

Simone Rose-Oliver⁣

Putting Members First

Triathlon Training  near Team Triumph

I signed up with Team Triumph in 2018 with the goal of completing Mont Tremblant’s 5150 in 2019. If my knees held up then I could take it further.


I felt apprehensive joining Team Triumph, especially the first swims. My approach was Pole Pole (pronounced in Swahili polay polay) meaning go slow to reach your goal. The Kenyan runners always try to keep a little gas in the tank, even as they steam along at 20 km/h.


What I like best about Team Triumph is sharing a journey with like minded souls, and learning vital tips and tricks along the way.

Hary Briggs

Triathlon Training  near Team Triumph

I came to Team Triumph for 1 to 1 coaching.


I felt as though I was not reaching my potential; I was getting decent results in my races but wanted to push myself further to see what I was capable of.  


Once I signed up for coaching I felt as though there was a burden lifted off my shoulders. 


Coaching gave me a clear purpose and direction. Something to strive for and something to get me out of bed in the morning. This brought back the spark and love for the sport.


Result: Qualifying for the ITU World Championships.

Jeff Yateman

Triathlon Training  near Team Triumph

One day on a trail run I heard about ‘total-immersion’ swimming and found the videos useful but realized I needed instruction so sought out someone in the Ottawa area and eventually a friend suggested Julia Aimers of Team Triumph Triathlon Club.

In the Spring of 2018, I signed up for group lessons with Julia and Maggie King. First, I had to unlearn some bad habits that I had acquired in childhood, then try to learn better techniques. With the help of the coaches, my swimming improved!

When it came to open water swimming I suffered a lot of anxiety, Julia gave me many suggestions to lower my anxiety during Triumph swims at Meech Lake and that made the rest of my season a success.  I know that without the encouragement of Coach Julia, Coach Maggie and others from the team I wouldn’t have even got this far toward my goal.

Byron Johnson

Triathlon Training  near Team Triumph

When I joined the OAC I was looking to get into triathlon and I was put in touch with Julia and Team Triumph. 


It was through the team that I got through my first few years of training and racing and even got to a few of the longer distance races.


I did have a serious issue with my health come up in December 2016. After the initial shock sort of wore off, I was determined not to let that get me down and keep training (or tried to). Julia and the team were an immense help and support during the nine months of treatment. 

Suzanne Rivest

Triathlon Training  near Team Triumph

I discovered the world of triathlon in 2011 following a mutual challenge launched by my husband: to train together and complete a triathlon. Our first Sprint event was an exhilarating experience, not to mention our first open water outing at Meech Lake, in a water temperature of only 13 degrees! 


I had the pleasure of meeting Coach Julia thanks to my online purchase of a MyFloat in 2014: her passion for triathlon and her Team Triumph presentation were most inviting. Also, the prospect of training in a pool with other swimmers immediately appealed to me. I also quickly realized in her company that swimming techniques had evolved since my teenage years and my short time of competitive training.


It was in 2016 that I joined Team Triumph for all of my training and discovered the benefits of training with a group of determined, warm, friendly and generous athletes, all happy and willing to share their knowledge.

Sophie Dagenais

Triathlon Training  near Team Triumph

You can add me as a client for life. Still so much to learn about biking but am kicking butt on the hills out here - the “wall of pain” climb 2000+ft elevation has nothing on one of your classes!! Thank you!! 
ps - LOVING the Team Triumph biking shorts!!!

Heather Dunn

Team Triumph is a great Club where people from all levels of fitness can train. I was first introduced to Coach Julia when I went to a Training Camp in Utah as a tag along. My husband was training for an Ironman race at the time. I was recovering from an injury, but that didn't stop me trying the different activities at a beginner level. I remember swimming in the pool for Julia's first assessment. I was exhausted after only a few lengths. She gave me a few swim tips and I was eager for more. That was the point where I decided to schedule a one-on-one meeting with Julia and develop my plan to become active for life. In September 2016 I started learning to spin and run for the first time and took swim lessons to improve my technique. With Coach Julia's support and friendship from team members I have not looked back!

Tara McGowan

With encouragement from my great friend Heather I joined TT in the fall of 2014. I remember nervously arriving at Canterbury Pool for the initial hour of swimming. Well I gasped at the thought of a 300 M warm up! I asked Julia if we had the whole hour to complete the warm up! Well it wasn’t too long after training and relearning the proper stroke technique the the warm became pretty easy. Now the 500 M time trial was a challenge but I was able to do it! In the spring of 2015 I completed the Perth Triathlon...lots of fun with TT and Julia was an amazingly supportive. A Christmas gift from my husband in 2015 allowed me to go to the Utah Training Camp in April 2016. I was certainly nervous given the experience of the athletes attending. I met some new people and everyone was friendly and supportive. We had a great time participating in the Sand Hollow Sprint Triathlon. More recently I have cut back on the swimming, but I hope to continue next spring. After a hip replacement in 2017 I am back spinning. The group dynamics of the spin classes with Maggie and Julia is fantastic. The music is great, the work out is awesome (I am soaked by the end of the class!) anyone holding back from joining TT for fear of need! Well have all started from different levels of fitness and experience and Julia and her team are there to train, coach, support and “POOOSH” all the way!

Susie Walter

Ottawa Ironman

I was very happy with all of the tips Coach Kevin Willis shared with me and learned what I can work on to improve my swim, especially in open water instead of 
the pool! I really enjoyed the open swim lesson, thank-you, it was well worth it :) 

Cynthia H.

What I like most about Team Triumph is the amazing community of support! Whether you are training/competing for/in your first 5km race or Ironman everyone is there to support and cheer you on! I have met some of the most amazing and inspirational people/athletes through Team Triumph! 

Debi Zaret

Julia at Team Triumph has been my swim coach for 2½ years, teaching me the Total Immersion swim stroke. I greatly appreciate her patience and dedication to coaching. Great coach!

Claude Pilette

Bonjour, I started in triathlon four years ago after my sister and I decided, at the cottage over a glass of wine, that we needed a new challenge! So we both registered to a Sprint Triathlon, her in Quebec and I in Brockville. We had fun training and talking about it all winter! When race day came, I prepared my little transition space to the best of my knowledge and waited anxiously for the beginning of the competition. I saw those competitors in that bright Red and White suit and thought “boy” they look professional! Lucky for me, my friend Monique presented me some of those impressive women!! Julia, the Coach, ask me where was my transition zone, she came to see it and took the time to setted all up for me “ the right way”. At that point, I knew that she was the kind of generous coach I needed! Following that first meeting, I’m proud to be a member of Team Triumph and I trained with the most amazing group of people, winter and summer. We can count on Julia and Maggie, the coaches to help us progress to the best of our abilities! And yes I wear my Red and White suit proudly!!!

France Girard

Ottawa Ironman

Team Triumph, with coaches Julia and Maggie, is outstanding! Their spin classes are high energy and motivating experiences. The time, whether 60 minutes or an hour and a half, goes by quickly. The weight training program really has made a difference in my general strength and endurance whether running or biking. Julia’s swimming instruction and coaching has taken me from being a non-swimmer to being able to do laps in the pool. It is also wonderful to see the way members support one another as they take on new challenges or achieving their fitness goals. Thank you Julia and Maggie!

Sandy Macrenz

I came to Team Triumph a year ago looking to meet and train with people who shared my values and outlook on life but more importantly to train with a team that would support me and encourage me to do my level best. Team Triumph more than delivers on all fronts. From my initial conversation with Head Coach, Julia Aimers-Cooper, who encouraged me to come out and try a couple of spin and swim classes without commitment, I knew I had found a good home for me. I loved the spin class. The music perfectly matches the cadence we need to spin at and in a slightly darkened room you can loose yourself in the music and then look up in shock when the 60 minute class or 1.5 hr. class has passed.

I was extremely nervous about attending my first swim practice as I knew I could only swim 25 meters and then needed a rest break. In fact I almost did not go. I worried I would be laughed out of the pool. I was not. Flash forward 9 months, and I completed a 3 kilometre continuous swim in Meech Lake. I attribute this success directly to both swim coaches Julia Aimers-Cooper, and Maggie King. They encouraged me when I needed encouragement and gave me solid understandable constructive stroke feedback on a weekly basis. Today, I feel like I can conquer the world when I leave swim practice.

In April of this year, I took the plunge and joined the team in Utah for a 10 day training camp. Probably the most exhilarating and exhausting holiday I have ever taken. To be able to have access to your coaches while riding, running and swimming for 10 days is absolutely priceless. I learned so much while having so many laughs, smiles, and high 5’s. One of the big challenges for me at this camp was a 7k climb up beautiful Snow Canyon. Simply put, I did not want partake in this ride as I am not a good climber. Coaches Julia and Martin rode alongside of me the whole way up, helping me to pick the right gears and cadence. Their encouragement got me to the top and I guess what, I was still smiling. What more could I ask for?

I am now attending the Teams weekly run club. I am definitely struggling in this area and that can be intimidating. This is another area that Team Triumph excels in. At no time, whether it be swimming, biking or running have I ever been made to feel inadequate or that I didn’t belong because I was not as an accomplished athlete as some. Instead, these stronger more accomplished athletes, often reach out to you and give up you littles tips they have learned along the way and to remind you that they too had to learn a lot once upon a time.

So to sum up why I joined Team Triumph and continue to train with them a year later, it is the great coaches, and classes, but mostly it is the feeling of family. This is a team where the members work hard on their individual goals while at the same time there is always an inclusive fun atmosphere to all caliber of athletes from those just getting started and those pursuing Ironman and beyond dreams.

I am excited to see where 2019 brings me.

Joanne Dawes

Coach Julia has changed my ways in the water! In my mid 40s I came to Julia not knowing how to front crawl. In fact I barely made it 10 metres on our initial assessment. Well here I am, 17weeks later, still learning and getting better with every swim, swimming 1700m. I would have never imagined such improvement in such a short time. Julia’s coaching was clear, concise and calm. Very grateful that I found her!

Anna Belanger

I went to one of Julia’s spin classes about a year ago. Best spin class ever! I wanted to know what made her so awesome and she told me about Team Triumph. I was slightly terrified, because I was out of shape! Out of shape people don’t do triathlons, but I had nothing to worry about. The coaches are really knowledgeable and everyone was so encouraging and supportive! Teammates would ask if I was coming to next practice, so there was a level of accountability. Oh, and I saw results
I swam 4k! and I biked 93k last Summer with the group! I’ve never done that before, it was amazing! 
My running still needs work, but my ankle doesn’t hurt when I run now and I don’t feel like I’m going to throw up, so that’s pretty great! 
I’m down 14 pounds, my body is happier. Also, my 3 year old told me he wants to be fast like mama. I’m proud of that. 

Julia Vlaming

Ottawa Ironman

What I found by joining Team Triumph, in addition to great coaching, were a group of lovely women whose company I thoroughly enjoyed. Workouts continue to be seriously engrossing but so is the camaraderie and upbeat spirit of my teammates. I am blessed to have very close friendships because of this. Team Triumph is at the heart of what makes all my exercise plans so much fun!

Renee R.

Ottawa Ironman

I believe that training with Team Triumph and learning to swim in the pool and open water has allowed me to further appreciate the outdoors.  Without the club I would still be on the beach, cheering on the Mont Tremblant triathlon athletes instead of being one of them! 


Ottawa Ironman

By joining Team Triumph I have become a swimmer and triathlete, have more confidence in my abilities and I have met some awesome people. I do not want to think about where I would be if I had not started training with them. I am really happy to be where I am at today.  

Ariana Z.

Ottawa Ironman

I came out of the first swim class feeling like I had a new lease on life. I was so exhilarated by the intensity of the workout and the supported feeling of having a coach that watched and helped you to get to the best you could be

Julie W.

Ottawa Ironman

What I like most about Team Triumph is the quality of coaching, and the individualized approach.

Cecil B.

Ottawa Ironman

No one was more surprised than me that I became a tri athlete in my middle years. After doing my first sprint tri, in the spring of 2009, I was hooked. I also knew that if I wanted to do better and keep motivated, I needed a coach. Julia Aimers from Team Triumph came highly recommended to me by one of her clients. As a health care professional I was naturally skeptical. Julia amazed me with her approach and her knowledge. Her programs, training camps and her coaching guided me to many endurance competitions including 3 iron man distances. Team Triumph is made up of wonderful, supportive and upbeat people that I love to train and spend time with.

Linda Lafrance

Ottawa Ironman

I can’t speak highly enough about Julia Aimer’s Team Triumph. The members cover the entire spectrum of abilities—from Ironman Champs all the way to completing a 5k race on crutches. Everyone’s successes are cheered on by this friendly group of athletes. Julia is at the centre of it with workouts accessible to all levels. Her enthusiasm and patience make each session fun. Julia keeps current with the latest research, making her a versatile coach; she incorporates new skills into existing programs. I belonged to 2 other triathlon clubs before joining Team Triumph, I felt at home immediately.

Caroline Horsburgh

Ottawa Ironman

What I like most about working with Team Triumph is …...Everything! 

  • Great workouts
  • Love the Ottawa Athletic Club and use of their gym
  • Love the coaching
  • Love the people
  • Love the music 

Julie M.

Ottawa Ironman

I joined Team Triumph in 2006 to take a spin class. As I was neither a swimmer nor a runner I never intended to become a triathlete. But with Julia’s help and encouragement I learned to swim freestyle and started running. Next Julia taught me how to execute transitions and soon I was ready to enter my first triathlon. It was great to have the support of Team Triumph as I nervously stood on the pool deck in Perth, Ontario wondering if I would make it through the 500m swim, 16 km bike, and 3 km run. I did and I was eager for more! This started a triathlon journey with Julia and Team Triumph that has taken me to both the Ironman and Ultraman World Championships. It has also given me an active lifestyle and has introduced me to an extended family of Team Triumph athletes, many of whom I now count among my closest friends.

Kevin Willis

Ottawa Ironman

Team Triumph welcomes everyone and makes space regardless of your experience. Such a fun- loving group of people who are highly supportive of one another. Coach Julia Aimers provides a wonderful variety of activities-- including brick tri work outs, yoga, spinning and swimming skill building, to name just a few. Julia is a superbly organized and open person who brings her group together in a cheerful and highly skilled manner. And, I have not even mentioned what a great holiday I had at the Utah training camp last April. I attended with my daughter for a whole week of varied activities such as swimming, biking, running, yoga in the mountains and hiking at Zion National Park. We were treated with respect and Julia took into account individual needs ( such as training schedules or injuries, food requirements and restrictions)

I highly recommend Team Triumph and Julia Aimers for training and having fun with a dedicated group.

Renee Robert

Ottawa Ironman

So glad to be back spinning with Julia and Team Triumph this fall. I joined the group to stay fit during the shoulder seasons and it has made a huge difference in helping not only with my cycling but cross country skiing as well. I look forward to another year of great music, great coaching and most of all, lots of fun!

Julie McInnes

"Wondering if you should join Team Triumph's Beginner Triathlon Program?  HELL YEAH!!!!  I did — almost 16 years ago when I was 49.  I was running regularly at the time, but I rode a beat-up old hybrid bike (mostly for errands) and I could swim 15 m before I was hanging on to the side of the pool gasping for breath.  A year later I completed my first triathlon and I’ve had a brilliant time training and racing with Team Triumph ever since!  

With Team Triumph's programs I always train with confidence. I never have to wonder if my workouts are too hard, too easy or whether  I’ll achieve my goals. Coach Julia's educational background in exercise physiology, continual training to stay up-to-date with the latest science, combined with 20+ years of coaching experience makes sure the  workouts are just right.  I just have to puuuuuuush!!! 

And I’ve made some brilliant friends at Team Triumph — it is such a great group of warm and caring people. So I have buddies to train with, enjoy the outdoors, and travel with on active holidays. What’s not to love about that?”

Pauline L.S.

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