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  • Are you swimming with a broken paddle?

    Are you swimming with a broken paddle?

    ARE YOU SWIMMING WITH A BROKEN PADDLE? As Canadians, we know a thing or two about canoeing. Canoe trips are a favourite family Summer pastime here in the great white North. Many of us have plunged a paddle into our sparkly water ways. Ahh... that wonderful feeling of pressing water against a paddle so we can drive ourselves forward, gliding through the waves. But what if your paddle was broken? It may take a little longer to get across the lake, eh? Having been busy doing open water swimming lessons this Summer, I have seen countless swimmers with broken paddles! Imagine your wrist being bent towards your arm as you are catching the water and pressing it back. This action would slow ....

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  • Finding Challenges When You Can't Race

    Finding Challenges When You Can't Race

    SMILES THAT SAY IT ALL!! For many of the athletes that we coach on Training Peaks, so far this has been a triathlon season of many disappointments. With race after race being cancelled, we had promised them that no matter what, we will make the June Tremblant race weekend happen whether it was up North or in Meech Lake. With the borders re-opening in Quebec just in time, and everyone being vaccinated, we were able to quickly come through on our promise and get out to Gatineau Park last Friday for a fun race simulation. Due to Covid number restrictions, we had to keep the numbers to no more than 10 so we could not open it up to the whole club....just yet! You can ....

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  • How Do You Measure the Success of a Triathlete

    How Do You Measure the Success of a Triathlete

    The other day I was meeting with a new triathlete and it occurred to me that, before he had even started training, being a triathlete meant doing an Ironman. I don't know what it is about the people in our town, but for many, the measure of triathlete success means: you have to complete an Ironman. Many athletes have said to me after a race weekend that theyjust didthe Tri-a-Tri orjust didthe standard distance triathlon. I'm sure there are many Olympic triathletes who would be insulted if you told them theyjust dida sprint instead of an Ironman. An Ironman is a great long-distance event but it involves many more hours of training. For most people with a busy career and/or family, ....

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  • Ottawa Race Weekend - Virtual Finishers

    Ottawa Race Weekend - Virtual Finishers

    CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR OTTAWA MARATHON RUNNERS!! Gabi Porter, Glen Paradis and Anna Belanger have all competed their Ottawa Race Weekend Marathon challenges. Gabi, seen above with her dog Maze, was really pleased with her new marathon PB by 30 minutes. Stay tuned, she is on track to complete her 1st Ironman in Tremblant next! Glen has worked really hard on his distance running this Winter and brought his marathon PB down by 15 minutes!! IronGlen is hoping to strike back at the Tremblant Ironman in August! Anna, who is the local legend for hill repeats at the Beechwood Cemetery, has also trained hard all winter while finishing her Master's in Integral Coaching and running her massage ....

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  • Open Water Swimming - Tips to Tame the Anxiety Beast

    Open Water Swimming - Tips to Tame the Anxiety Beast

    Open Water Swimming - Tips to Tame the Anxiety Monster Regardless of why you want to swim open water, having anxiety is very common. What is it about open water swimming that creates fear in an individual? There are many reasons; the deeper water poor visibility Plants fish/creatures fear of sinking the unknown a wide-open expanse of water the cold… the list goes on, but you are not alone. Anxiety is perfectly normal and you can overcome it! Here are tips to consider: Take Control Mentally - Negative thoughts can take root in your mind and distort the severity of the situation. One way is to challenge ....

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  • Why You Don't Need the Gym to Get a Good Workout

    Why You Don't Need the Gym to Get a Good Workout

    The health and fitness industry has seen massive changes over the last year! People are preferring the convenience of doing workouts right from their home over travelling out to a gym. Think about when you first heard about personal training being done over video. Maybe you were skeptical of the benefits. You might have asked yourself if a trainer can really correct your form over a screen, or if the program would still be tailored to your goals. The answer to both of those questions is yes. I have been told time and time again how blown away people are by the virtual training experience. No more battling traffic, carving hours out of your schedule or cancelling last minute because your ....

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  • Why You Should Consider Staying on Zwift through the Warmer Months

    Why You Should Consider Staying on Zwift through the Warmer Months

    Training in the winter is always challenging. The race season seems so far away. Add in cold, dark wet days and COVID, well you know where we’re going with this. Thankfully we had Zwift and our Virtual Cycling Program to provide us with a structured and periodized plan that tracks our fitness and recovery. It was great to have a program to keep us motivated, connected with our tribe, and on track, even if the race season seemed unsure. Now that the weather is warmer, many of you are jumping off your trainers and onto the road. But wait…..should you stop Zwifting? Absolutely not! Here are some reasons why we think you should ....

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  • Emily Graves Virtually Climbs Mount Everest

    Emily Graves Virtually Climbs Mount Everest

    CONGRATULATIONS EMILY GRAVES!! She did it! Emily made it up Everest on Zwift. When she started her training plan, we figured it would take her 23 hours given her FTP of 113 watts. Aftercompleting a well-executed coached training plan, Emily pulled up her FTP to 152 watts. Sheincreased herendurance in Zone 1 and 2 and finished much quicker thanoriginally expected. Grab and drink, sit back and read herinspiring story of will, persistentplanning,consistent training and true grit! Emily Graves'Story:on virtually climbing Mount Everest on March 26, 2021 Why vEverest? It started with the Zwift concept (“Tron”) bike, those virtual multi/neon coloured bikes that ....

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  • Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

    Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

    Saint Patrick's Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick, is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland. How we celebrate this holiday inside of Team Triumph is with a 5/10km run along the canal followed by a brunch, but due to COVID, this year we added in a Virtual Zwift Ride and/or a virtual, do-it-yourself run. This was just one of the challenges we issued to our members for March. Two of our members sent in how their Do-it-yourself St.Patrick's Day runs went. Pretty darn impressive. Dan Begin hasn't run a 10k this fast since he was in his 30's!! Anita ....

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  • Members Matter Inside Team Triumph

    Members Matter Inside Team Triumph

    Member retentionis not a simple equation. It's a personalized approach to building a better relationship with each of yourmembers. It's about providing them with the value they are seeking and solving the problems they thought you could help with. Secondly, improving yourmembership retentionrate can also improve your rate of growth. With a more consistent consumer base, meaningful relationships between these regularmembers(and even between staff andmembers) are more likely to develop. This sense of belonging can drastically improve thememberexperience. Why focus on retention? Because you can’t afford not to. Experts estimate that it can cost as much as five times more to ....

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