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  • Triumpher Spotlight/Somersault Championships

    JULIA VLAMING TEAM TRIUMPH MEMBER SPOTLIGHT When I started with Team Triumph in July,I had been working out pretty much all of my adult life. Physical activity has always been a great outlet for me. When I started with Team Triumph I wasn’t really working out anymore. I played beach volleyball once a week, but that was the extentof it. I noticed myself getting slower at volleyball and was not as motivated tobe active. I had quit my gym membership because we moved. I did 2 triathlons before I had my son (who is now 3.5). I was already in love with the sport but needed a serious butt kicking to getback into it, and training with a club seemed like a ....

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  • Great Wall of China Marathon Report - Wendy Gifford

    Doing the great Wall of China Marathon has been on Wendy Gifford's bucket list for quite some time. Last weekend Wendy dropped another goal into her bucketbut it was no easy feat! Look at those hills and those stairs!!! Here is Wendy's Report: "Inspired by the challenge, mystery, and a haunting history, the Great Wall of China marathon surpassed my expectations. With >1,000 meter ascent (clocked on my Garmin – which died at 32 K at 5 hours) – this was no BQ race. Instead, a group of 34 runners from 6 countries departed from a small village on the outskirts of Beijing - 6 runners to ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - GET OUTSIDE AND RUN!


    "GET OUTSIDE AND RUN!" We spend many hours a day running to work, running to the grocery store, running to an appointment…the verb “running” gets a bad reputation this way! One of the best remedies for this is to put aside the watch, the destination, the deadline and just step outside and actually RUN. Bring back the smile as you run for the pure joy of running. This may be the most important “running” you do in your week. Form and fitness along with increasing your speed and endurance start first with your desire
    to run. Sharing that desire with like-minded souls creates a wonderful environment that revolves around mutual motivation! With ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - New Staff, IMKona/Fall racing hightlights

    New Staff, IMKona/Fall racing hightlights

    INTRODUCING KELLY ADAMS MENTAL PERFORMANCECOACH A HUGE welcome to Kelly Adams, B. Music (Performance), M.Ed. (Educational Psychology), ACC (Accredited Co-Active Coach)who has joined the Team Triumph team as our new Mental Performance Coach! We all need a little help to realize and become the best version of ourself and Kelly is here to help us with just that. Read on to hear more about Kelly: I always wanted to be an accompanist! While completing my Bachelors degree in (solo) Piano Performance I always made sure I had plenty of vocalists, strings and woodwinds to work with, and frankly this gave me more joy and feelings of being part of a community ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - WATTS UP WITH POWER METERS?


    As the price of bike power meters to measure watts comes down, they are becoming more mainstream on road and triathlon bikes. As a coach, I'm getting more questions about how to train and race with watts. Watts are a fantastic tool to use if you know how to use them but so many people just look at the numbers and don't really know what they mean and what targets they should be going after. When running, we use our Garmins to measure pace per km, in cycling we can use speed BUT watts are a far more precise measure of the intensity you are actually riding at . Testing and knowing your watt zones allows you to be in the appropriate training zones for your ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - Prince Edward County Half Marathon

    Prince Edward County Half Marathon

    Prince Edward County Half Marathon Congratulations to Anna and Mark Belanger! Looks like they had an awesome time at the Prince Edward County Half Marathon! Here is Anna'sreport: The temperature was perfect for running and the locals are super lovely. Mark got a PB...he is on my heels! It was a decent race for me but I was exhausted(Anna did the Army Run's Commander's Challenge last weekend) What I love about this race is the winding country side and the locals who come out to support the race. You have the opportunity to run along the lake, throughforestsand then through the town. Great overnight with friends, local wineries and quaint restaurants to ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - A Triumphant Day By Johanna Oehling

    A Triumphant Day By Johanna Oehling

    The concept of aging women is fraught with stereotypical misconceptions and misnomers. Typically, women today are often viewed as physically weaker and more frail , particularly once they reach ‘a certain age’. The Gatineau Trails group of CFUW-Ottawa is a case in point in how that is not so. About 75 women take part, many of them super fit and super active. We are fortunate to have access to so many recreational amenities and appreciate the trails, nature, lakes and rivers around us in the Ottawa and Gatineau areas. Weather permitting, during the spring and fall, we typically engage in demanding hikes in Gatineau Park. These adventures alternate with urban walks led by a ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - It's a Wrap - OKA Triathlon and 5km Canadian Championships

    It's a Wrap - OKA Triathlon and 5km Canadian Championships

    OKA TRIATHLON Congratulations to all who went out to Oka for the last triathlon of the season! Here is Steve's report: Sunday was a beautiful day for a race on a scenic and challenging course! Even at 20k we used most gears with some long slow climbs. Swim was fairly shallow - we both did well - keeping the panic in check. Run was interesting through the woods with 600m on the sand. All in all a great inexpensive small race - Anna rocked it - beating me by 23 seconds (caught me in the run). Highly recommend the Oka Triathlon - although Anna was devastated by the lack of medals! Steve Rathwell Steve Rathwell - 5th in age cat Anna Belanger - 2nd in age cat Sue Bennett - 1st in ....

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  • Triathlon Training  in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club - Another Perspective on Being Injured

    Another Perspective on Being Injured

    There are many articles out there on how to “cope” with injury . They make great points about the value of reaching out for help, doing the things you can do- like walking instead of running, focusing on improving other areas of your fitness, eating well, and sleeping regularly at least 8 hours a night. These are all tried and true tips, and a good beginning. But here’s the thing. The biggest challenge to being injured is the fact that you can no longer DO- you have to just BE!
    Many athletes (and the vast majority of the rest of the world) have been trained to rely solely on their bodies and utilize them to maximum strength. Our culture highly values ....

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  • Last of the Season Triathlons - Epic Conditions....Epic Adventures

    AmphibiousChallenge Last weekend Janet Whitley and Sophie Dagenais took on the Amphibious Challenge! Congratulations to you both sounds like a wonderfully challenging adventure! Here are their reports... The Amphibious Challenge is an Otillo style Swimrun event. It is almost 4 km of challenging open water swim mixed with about 14km of on and off-road running. There is also a 39 km long course that involves going up some steep climbs! The conditions were near perfect: warm water temp (18C), cool air temp (15-18), and sunny. The wind was steady and made for some serious chop. The course was predicted to be 16 km but was actually 18.5 ....

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