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  • Inspiring Performances this Weekend by Team Triumph Athletes

    Inspiring Performances this Weekend by Team Triumph Athletes

    Sophie Completes 12km Swim at
    La Traversée du lac Tremblant 2019

    Congratulations to Sophie for taking on this incredible challenge! We are all so very proud of your accomplishment and grateful that you had Annemarieke by your side all the way! Here is Sophie's Race Report:
    "Aug 4th was the second edition of La Traversée du lac Tremblant. When I submitted my application for the 12k HUUB Ultra Swim, I thought I wouldn’t be selected and would enjoy instead doing the 3k swim taking place on Saturday. I have always been intrigued by long-distance swimmers and La Traversée seemed the perfect location to try it. I first registered as a swimmer to ....

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  • National Capital Triathlon/Duathlon and IMCanada Podium for Coach Maggie!!!

    National Capital Triathlon/Duathlon and IMCanada Podium for Coach Maggie!!!

    NATIONAL CAPITAL TRIATHLONS & DUATHLONS It was another stinking HOT day for a race but as I always say - everyone has the same heat and humidity so just do your best and keep moving forward! Don't worry about your competition, they are suffering just as much as you are. We had many first triathlon folks out on the course. It was awesome to see the next generations getting into this amazing world of multi-sports! The BIG wins of the day went to our newest member Jeff Yateman who came 2nd in the men's sprint tri and 1st in AG; and our Director of Logistics and Humour, Martin Couet came in 3rd overall in the men's sprint duathlon and 1st in his age category. Sylvie Lemay ....

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  • Toronto Triathlon Festival - Coach Julia vs Son

    Toronto Triathlon Festival - Coach Julia vs Son

    Son vs Mum And the Winner is..... What a blast we had today at the Toronto Triathlon Festival!! This race was a first for me and a great experience. Over the Christmas holidays, I challenged my son Ryan who is now 25 to a triathlon. He is working in the financial industry in Toronto so needed a little extra incentive from Mum to kick his butt out of the office and get to the gym! I had coached him and his brother when they raced in Kids of Steel but he hasn't done a triathlon since he was about 10 years old. Even though the temps were baking hot, I had been warned that the water temperature never really warms up so I was happy I decided to wear ....

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  • The Perfect Day to Bring on the Bay

    The Perfect Day to Bring on the Bay

    The sun was shining, the winds were calm, the water was a bit choppy:all par for the course on the mighty Ottawa River! Team Triumph had a great turnout of swimmers and volunteers. Thank you to Martin and Nancy St Germain's husband Paul for supporting the swimmers in their kayaks. In its13th year, BOTB is a really well-organized event with sailboats lined up every 100 meters. Great volunteers, food, and fun all around. We had three podium finishes today! Congratulations to our newswim coach Mike Olsenwho won his age category and posted the fastest Team Triumph time of the day at 53:12!He was also our eldest competitor at 76 and posted a personal best time for this event! He is keen to ....

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  • Mont Tremblant 2019 Triathlon Weekend Congratulations

    Mont Tremblant 2019 Triathlon Weekend Congratulations

    We are so darn proud and excited of the members of our club that participated in the Mont Tremblant Triathlon weekend on June 22/23 that we could not resist putting together a video montage of their day. Fall programs start in September with details coming out in August, but we still have room in our Summer Program. If you have a late-season triathlon on your agenda and are looking for like-minded individuals to train with you can find information on our summer program at What it Takes to Participate in the Mont Tremblant Weekend ....

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  • 50 Plus Triumphers' Participate in Meech Lake Triathlon 2019!

    50 Plus Triumphers' Participate in Meech Lake Triathlon 2019!

    The water was a bit rough and the temperatures hot, but triathlon IS an outdoor sport, so we roll with the punches! It was an honor to watch you all test your limits, high five you at the finish line and place medals on our top triathletes. Will Manning-Dewar earned the fastest male Triumpher of the race in a time of 1:42:56 and Stephanie Obaseki-Johnson was our fastest female at 1:45:52. Fastest Swimmers Anna - 20:33 Don - 22:07 Fastest Cyclists Glen - 49:16 Stephanie - 51:49 Fastest Runners Will - 29:03 Stephanie - 32:29 Will Manning-Dewar Stephanie ....

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  • 3x Podium Finishes at ITU World Triathlon Series - Montreal

    3x Podium Finishes at ITU World Triathlon Series - Montreal

    What an exciting day of racing for Team Triumph! We started the race at 11:20 am in the stinking, hot and humid Montreal heat so the debate was on to wetsuit or not to wetsuit? Two of us decided to go without, which in a 750m swim you can save time by not taking the suit off but how much time do you lose without it on? My choice was to go without to bring down my core temperature which was already high. The swim was lovely; not too wavy and well spread out. The bike was super fun!! It was a 5 x 4 km loop and was very technical with tight turning descents and a descent into a sharp, short steep hill. Each time you could play with how to take the turns a bit faster and tighter. When we hit ....

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  • Spectacular Performances by Team Triumph Members at Mont Tremblant Triathlon Weekend

    Spectacular Performances by Team Triumph Members at Mont Tremblant Triathlon Weekend

    What an incredible weekend for our members and families of Team Triumph! We had an amazing turnout of athletes and cheerleaders. It was wonderful to see everyone out on the course doing their best to achieve their goals. The lake on Saturday was so rough that over 100 people had to be pulled out and they had to shorten the swim course for the 5150. Thankfully the lake was flat on Sunday morning but then in came the wind for the bike course and the HEAT for the run. Nobody is heat adapted which made for a very challenging run for those out there for the long haul. As I kept saying, triathlon is an outdoor sport! You can choose to only show up on sunny training days but when ....

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  • Kale & Potato Pie - Pre Race Rocket Fuel!

    Kale & Potato Pie - Pre Race Rocket Fuel!

    Team Triumph's famous Kale & Potato Pie started out with one of our members, Cary Willis cooking it for her husband Kevin Willis before many of his Ironman races including the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Well when word got out in Team Triumph that this is what he fuelled on every night when he won the 3 day triathlon Ultraman Canada, Kale & Potato Pie became the go to rocket fuel for Team Triumph!! Thank you to Cary Willis for your nutritional knowledge and education of rocket fuel and thank you to Linda Lafrance who shared this recipe and also fuelled on this delicious treat when she qualified for and then completed the World Championships in Ironman in Kona, Hawaii! ....

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  • Last Minute Tips for Ironman 5150/70.3 Mont Tremblant

    I know that many of you Tremblant triathletes are in freak mode. Please know that this is normal. Triathletes generally are high achievers and you all want the best possible result. Try to stay calm knowing that your training is behind you and now it's time to relax and taper! For those of you on Training Peaks with us, your number one goal is to make sure your TSB (Form) score comes up above zero. This is the time to treat your body like gold! Feed it the healthiest whole food, hydrate well daily, foam roll, stretch, do yoga. Have a massage no later than Wednesday. Go to bed earlier so you can switch time zones, eat earlier so you are hungrier on race morning and get your ....

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