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  • Our Challenge Series Is Still Going Strong

    This week we challenged you to run 5km or 10km on Canada Day and show off your Canadian spirit! Congrats to all who got out and celebrated Canada and their running fitness! 10km
    Cristina Martinez and Nathalie Ranya El Sadawy Brad Vlaming Debi Zaret Shawn Charland 5km
    Martin Couet Darius Skusevicius Glen Paradis Stephanie Obaseki-Johnson Emily Graves Joanne Dawes and Mike Chambers Gary Maxwell Randy Graham Gavin Grusnick MEECH LAKE TRIATHLON CHALLENGE
    This week we also challenged you to do the Meech Lake Triathlon. Some were able to complete both challenges this week! Congrats to those who are injured and picked the sports they can do. ....

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  • Virtual Run & Triatlon Challenge

    This week in our challenge series we have not 1 but 2 challenge options for you. Challenge #1 - Virtual Canada Day 5/10km run
    Run 5km or 10km on Canada Day! Wear your red and white or a maple leaf and show off your Canadian spirit in style. Tag us in your social media or send us an email to once you're done, with a picture! Challenge #2 - Virtual Meech Lake Triathlon
    Throwback to the Meech Lake Triathlon when Linda competed with her daughter Julie and was greeted at the finish line byher son who volunteered as a Paramedic and her daughter-in-law and grandson. WHAT A HAPPY DAY FOR THEM ALL! MEECH FEAST CHALLENGE (WEEK OF JUNE ....

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  • Mont Tremblant Triathlon Challenge was a cooker


    What an incredibly HOT weekend it was for our Tremblant Challengers. None of us were adaptedforthose conditions yet!! Thank goodness we weren't really racing. Last week we challenged you to complete one of the Tremblant race distances: Sprint 750m Swim, 20km Bike, 5km Run or Standard 1500m Swim, 40km Bike, 10km Run, or 70.3 - 2km Swim, 90km Bike, 21km Run. For those that Tremblant was their A Race it has been a bumpy ride of ups and downs of whether to even bother doing it. Understandably, everyone has been struggling with their motivation since the races have been canceled and the pools have been closed. Congratulations to everyone who was ....

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  • Mont Tremblant Virtual Triathlon  Challenge

    Mont Tremblant Virtual Triathlon Challenge

    This coming week, we are challenging you to complete one of the Tremblant race distances: Sprint - 750m Swim, 20km Bike, 5km Run Olympic - 1500m Swim, 40km Bike, 10km Run, or 70.3 - 2km Swim, 90km Bike, 21km Run. Please be sure that you are adequately trained for the distance that you choose and that you bring the proper fuel along for your event. Also, be sure to have a swim buddy and a float with you if you're heading into open water. Some of our members are going to be in the Gats on Saturday to do their challenge. Hopefully, we will see you whizzing by! A great option is to swim from O'Brien and make the parking lot your transition zone. A short loop is 21k, 2 loops would give ....

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  • Cycle Challenge Is Complete

    Cycle Challenge Is Complete

    Last week we challenged our members, in honour of the Rideau Lakes Tour to complete two long rides back to back. The options were: 25k/25k 50k/50k 50k/100k, or for those well trained up 100k/100k or maybe more! This truly was a bigger challenge than expected given a few rainy days, extreme winds and the cooler weather we had. There were 7 of us who completed the challenge: Dan 51k/100k Glen 121k/122k Darius 120k/45k Ranya 54k/108k Luc 60k/120k Renee 60k/83k Coach Julia 100k/100k For those tapering for their A Event Tremblant Challenge next weekend, I was happy to see that you behaved and stuck to your schedule! Congratulations everyone. After Ranya El Sadawy's private ....

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  • Swim Buddy Program and Cycle Challenge


    Due to the current rules, we are still not able to gather in a group of more than 5 people, so we suggest that when heading out, pack your own water and snacks so you don't have to stop at stores without a mask on, however, if you are doing a long-distance ride/run that will require that you stop to restock your hydration, carry a mask in a plastic bag so you are prepared or have a family member meet you with the necessary supplies so you can restock. GROUP CYCLING
    Our club is sanctioned through Triathlon Ontario. They have made it clear that we are not permitted to gather in a group of more than 5 and we must maintain a physical distance of ....

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  • Why now IS NOT the time to retire as a Triathlete

    Don't throw down the transition towel just yet! Having a challenge or goal is what drives people forward. For athletes, having a goal is our raison d'être.When our goals are taken away it can leave us feeling lost and unmotivated. For many of us, our goals have been shattered due to races being canceled. Over the past couple of months, I have personally seen motivation levels go up and down like the hillsin the Gatineau's.If you are feeling this way, I want you to know that you arecompletely normal. "If you are feeling motivational ups and downs, I want you to know that you arecompletely normal."
    When we retire from work, we are given retirement classesto prepare us for no ....

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  • Rideau Lakes Cycling Challenge

    Although the RLCT is canceled this year, we want to encourage our members to complete it virtually in some capacity. The Rideau Lakes Cycling Tour is one of the country's longest-running cycling events. The two-day ride takes you through picturesque towns and villages along the Rideau Lakes waterway to the shores of Lake Ontario. Traditionally two days, four routes. 220 to 420 kms. With the tour being canceled we realize that many people may have stopped training for the event and may not be in a position to complete the 220 to 420kms that they would have, had the tour been a go, soooooo.....we are asking our members,during the week of June 8th, to do two long rides back to back ....

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  • Challenges Everything. Our Team has been busy!!!

    It was great to see so many people out and about this past week. Pascale Savard completed a Spartan Challenge. Luc Lapensee did the Perth double distance duathlon. France Girard completed the Perth Triathlon and even did an open water swim at Britannia! Coach Julia also did the Perth Tri but opted for swim strength instead. Julie McInnes set out to walk 10km a day and complete500km of walking. I was so happy to be outside when she walked by my house the day she finished the 500km! Pascale Savard took a break from sewing masks to complete the Spartan Challenge!
    With the Tremblant Half Iron challengecoming up, Anita Taylor and Glen Paradis were busygetting their long bricks done. ....

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  • Perth Virtual Triathlon

    Next in our Virtual Challenge series is the Perth Triathlon. Perth is oneof Team Triumph's favourite races and for sure a 1st triathlon for somany. Here is the challenge: complete one of the swim video workouts on our youtube channel [here] or a real swim then bike 16km and run 3km OR
    32km and 6km if you want to do the double distance. Look at your stats from last year and see if you can beat them or if you can win your age category from last year! Be sure to let us know what you did! Do not forget that the prizes given away are usually baked goods, so you have permission to eat pie after :-)

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