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  • Run Off the Grid 50km race

    Run Off the Grid 50km race

    This Saturday September 26, our Onboarding Coordinator Brenda completed her second 50km trail race. The race was held in Mattawa, Ontario. It was the 10th annual running of the event that the event organizers lovely names 9.5 due to COVID restrictions not allowing them to run the event as they had in years, but they were happy to have 100 participants attend. They ran a 12.5km, 25km and 50km race. It was Brenda's first time at the event, but her run partner Fay #448 had run the 12.5km distance last year with a friend, so had some idea of what the terrain was going to be like, BUT 12.5km is a little different than 50km. In previous years the route is alternated, but due to COVID ....

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  • ESPRIT, MONTREAL - Don't Mind if we du/tri

    Cory got in touch with us at the beginning of the Summer to set up a private open water lesson and ask for a few tips about gettingstarted for triathlon training. After another lesson and then a biketransition training session he was ready to launch his triathlon career! He is one of the few people who actually was able to do a real race at the EspritTriathlon in Montreal. Way to go, Cory, we are so happy for you! HERE IS CORY'S STORY: I havelong been wanting to give triathlon a try and COVID presented the perfect opportunity. Itook the time Inormally spendcommuting to and from work and used it to train for myfirst triathlon. First, Istarted swimming at ....

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  • The Definition of Epic Is.....

    The Definition of Epic Is.....

    DAN BEGIN What a Triumphant weekend for our tribe members! Dan set a goal to complete his first Half Ironman at the Barrelman race. With his race being cancelled, he trained throughout the Summer to continue his dream. Unfortunately, 11 weeks ago an old calf injury came back and stopped his running in his tracks. We thought this was it, his season was over. Dan wasn't having it. He immediately got in for treatment and laid off the running. We brought him back gradually, one minute at a time until 4 weeks ago he was able to run continuously again and get back to 8 km. Decision time came last weekend as we spoke about the possibilities of completing his goal. ....

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  • Glen Paradis from Ottawa Canada....You Are An Ironman

    Glen Paradis from Ottawa Canada....You Are An Ironman

    IF YOU HAVE EVER BEEN AT THE FINISH LINE OF AN IRONMAN, you will know the famous line that is repeated by the announcer as each emotional and overjoyed athlete crosses the finish line: "YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!!". On Sunday night at 10:30 pm Glen Paradis crossed the finish line and as his coach, I was emotional, overjoyed, and darn proud to be able to repeat those words too! Glen...YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!! Mont Tremblant Ironman was supposed to be Glen's inaugural Ironman after years of preparing to complete this grueling event. When COVID hit, we spoke about doing the Ironman on his own, and with his contagious smile and humble positive energy, he agreed that he would like to do it anyway. ....

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  • No Races...No Problem for our Members

    As the awesome outdoor season rolls along, we are seeing more epic workouts hitting Training Peaks and Strava. Although triathlon isn't only about going long, I have to say, there have been some pretty impressive feats happening this week by our members! Congrats to Glen Paradis for completing a long brick as he prepares to complete the iron distance this Summer:143km Bike - 18 km Run! Congrats to Dan Begin for completing his long brick as he prepares to complete the half-iron distance: 90km Bike - 9km Run! Ranya has been working with Coach Maggie all Summer in the water and has officially gone from doing a choppy and challenging head-up front crawl 750m open water swim last ....

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  • The Art of the Wetsuit Wedgie

    When you hear the word wedgie, does it conjure up memories of your sibling or childhood friend trying to pull your underwear over your head? Well, that's not what we are talking about in this video. Watch Coach Julia Aimers show you how to put on a wetsuit and master the art of the wetsuit wedgie ....

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  • BOTB Swim Challenge Results and Next Challenge

    BRING ON THE BAY 3K SWIM (WEEK OF JULY 6TH) This week's challenge was a HUGE success!! We asked you to swim a continuous 3km OR 1500m and Team Triumph once again grabbed the challenge and swam with it!! Congrats to all those who got out there and swim, swam and swum! Ranya El Sadawy with Coach Maggie - 3065m Brad Vlaming - 3041m 58:53 Debi Zaret - 1522m (43 min) 1st ever 1500m followed by a 1st ever 2002m (57:43) later in the week with swim buddy Sophie Dagenais Sophie Dagenais 3000m (1:08) with swim buddy Janet Whitley France Girard 1700m in Cornwall Josee Perreault 3013m (1:23) Janet Whitley 3202m (1:05) Harry Briggs 3227m (1:06) Alla Khvatova 3244m (1:15) Julie Watkins 1999m (52:45) ....

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  • Our Challenge Series Is Still Going Strong

    This week we challenged you to run 5km or 10km on Canada Day and show off your Canadian spirit! Congrats to all who got out and celebrated Canada and their running fitness! 10km
    Cristina Martinez and Nathalie Ranya El Sadawy Brad Vlaming Debi Zaret Shawn Charland 5km
    Martin Couet Darius Skusevicius Glen Paradis Stephanie Obaseki-Johnson Emily Graves Joanne Dawes and Mike Chambers Gary Maxwell Randy Graham Gavin Grusnick MEECH LAKE TRIATHLON CHALLENGE
    This week we also challenged you to do the Meech Lake Triathlon. Some were able to complete both challenges this week! Congrats to those who are injured and picked the sports they can do. ....

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  • Virtual Run & Triatlon Challenge

    This week in our challenge series we have not 1 but 2 challenge options for you. Challenge #1 - Virtual Canada Day 5/10km run
    Run 5km or 10km on Canada Day! Wear your red and white or a maple leaf and show off your Canadian spirit in style. Tag us in your social media or send us an email to once you're done, with a picture! Challenge #2 - Virtual Meech Lake Triathlon
    Throwback to the Meech Lake Triathlon when Linda competed with her daughter Julie and was greeted at the finish line byher son who volunteered as a Paramedic and her daughter-in-law and grandson. WHAT A HAPPY DAY FOR THEM ALL! MEECH FEAST CHALLENGE (WEEK OF JUNE ....

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  • Mont Tremblant Triathlon Challenge was a cooker


    What an incredibly HOT weekend it was for our Tremblant Challengers. None of us were adaptedforthose conditions yet!! Thank goodness we weren't really racing. Last week we challenged you to complete one of the Tremblant race distances: Sprint 750m Swim, 20km Bike, 5km Run or Standard 1500m Swim, 40km Bike, 10km Run, or 70.3 - 2km Swim, 90km Bike, 21km Run. For those that Tremblant was their A Race it has been a bumpy ride of ups and downs of whether to even bother doing it. Understandably, everyone has been struggling with their motivation since the races have been canceled and the pools have been closed. Congratulations to everyone who was ....

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