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  • Is a Triathlon Camp Right for You?

    Is a Triathlon Camp Right for You?

    Spring has sprung and triathlon race season is around the corner, which means that you are going to see many triathlon camps popping up on your social media feeds. If you’ve never taken part in a training camp, you might feel intimidated and think that it is not for you, but we beg to differ. There are as many training camps as there are colours of the rainbow. They can be tailored for different abilities, different locations, price ranges and trip durations, but all have these things in common - swimming, cycling and running with coaches to provide guidance and feedback and fellow athletes to provide motivation and training partners. If you want ....

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  • Early Bird Triathlon: My First Triathlon

    Early Bird Triathlon: My First Triathlon

    The author of this race report (Jackie DeGouffe) is in the picture to the right. She is 4th from the left. The one with the huge smile and energy flowing out of her. I’m on the pool deck, lined up with many other swimmers. “I’ve done this so many times before” I tell myself. “I am a good fast swimmer. I grew up swimming” I repeat over and over in my mind. I dive in, my heart starts beating fast – I mean really fast. It doesn’t stop. I realize I’m freaking out. I breaststroke the whole way, with many people passing me. 3 minutes slower than my target. I complete the swim and move on. One day later, I keep thinking about ....

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  • Somersault Early Bird Triathlon - Epic first Triathlon!!!!

    Somersault Early Bird Triathlon - Epic first Triathlon!!!!

    (Seen In Picture to the Right) Lucie, France, Veronique, Dipty, Boris, Verity, Annick, Jackie, Denise Ann Marie & Sarah I don't know who was more excited for the first Triathlon of the season? Somersault events or our team. We had a strong teamof twenty-fourTeam Triumphers racingat the Early Bird. A BIG thanks to Somersault Events for providing us with our own transition racks so we could all connect and cheer on our teammates. I had many proud coaching moments throughout the race and definitely very proud of the launch of our fresh grads from the Beginner Triathlon Course that Gabi, Brenda and I have been putting on for the past 16 weeks. As you can see below, there were ....

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  • Ironman St. George - How Hélène Fortier Tackled the Beast

    Ironman St. George - How Hélène Fortier Tackled the Beast

    Ironman World Championships in St-George, Utah May 7, 2022 (to replace Kona, Hawaii, from October 2021) S t George has always held a special place in the hearts of many Team Triumph campers as our favourite place on earth. When Helene asked me if I could coach her for the IM world championships of course the answer was a resounding YES!! With lots of careful planning, heat and altitude adaptation strategies, a cassette change and loads of communication back and forth we were able to get Helene to the finish line of the Boston Marathon and then the IM World Championships 3 weeks later on what was billed to have been one of the toughest IM courses and conditions. Many ....

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  • Boston Marathon Weekend

    Boston Marathon Weekend

    The Boston Marathon is special to many people – runners and non-runners alike. Marathon runners from all over the world aspire to earn their ticket to Boston, andrunning Bostonis often the highlight of their running careers. The Boston marathon has a long and storied history. Boston is a tradition. The success of the first modern-day Olympic marathon in 1896 inspired the first Boston race in 1897. That makes Boston the world's oldest marathon – as well as one of the oldest consecutively held sporting events. If you want to find tradition, you'll definitely find it on the road to Boston each spring. Many historic moments took place on the road to Boston, including the famous ....

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  • Raising funds while having fun at our St. Paddy's day 5/10km walk/run

    We had a great gang of 30 members and coaches out for the annual Team Triumph St Paddy's Day Fun Run/Walk. What a blast to get out and run, walk, smile, eat and socialize together!! For many this was the first time they have met in person after two years of either listening to their voices during the cycling classes or seeing each other on Zoom. Congrats to everyone for completing their planned distances and speeds! It was lovely to have Darius and Dorota's baby Sofia join us and complete her first Team Triumph event! Thank you to Gabi for getting the event organized. We look forward to the next one! Thanks a million to Martin, our Director of Logistics and Humour, for cheering ....

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  • Ride for the Shepherds of Good Hope

    Ride for the Shepherds of Good Hope

    A couple of times a year we like to organize fundraising events. This past Saturday, our Community Coordinator Gabi Porter organized a charity ride where all funds raised would be donated to The Shepherds of Good Hope. It was great to have Gabi on Discord sharing her experience as a volunteer at the Shepherds of Good Hope. Most of us had no idea what amazing programs they have over there to help people in distress in our community feel safe. I know that every time I felt like I was suffering during the 5-hour ride I thought about those in our city who are homeless and hungry and the feeling went away. We had a great time on Saturday conquering the Mega Pretzel Route on Zwift! We chose ....

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  • Winter Racing is Fun and Challenging

    Winter Racing is Fun and Challenging

    BRENDA ROSS (RIGHT) VOLUNTEERING AT WINTERMAN WINTERMAN 2022 A HUGE shoutout to Somersault for putting on an excellent race on the weekend! Thank you to Brenda Ross and all of the folks who volunteered. Thanks to Triumpher John Gomes for sponsoring the event. Due to the downtown protest, Adam had to make a quick course change which sounded lovely. The course was a bit slick with loads of turns for the longer races but that didn't stop our gang from having some awesome results! Congratulations to all of the Team! RACE RESULTS Half Marathon John Gomes - 2nd in AG Mo Bennmouffok - 3rd in AG Josée Perreault - 1st in AG Hélène Fortier - 2nd in AG ....

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  • You Signed Up for a Triathlon in 2022 - What's Next?

    You Signed Up for a Triathlon in 2022 - What's Next?

    It’s official you have signed up for a triathlon BUT now what? The race may be months away, so when should you start training for it? It all depends on the distance of the race and when it is. One essential element of any successful triathlete is to dedicate the time necessary to properly train for a race. Regardless of your experience or fitness level, it's important to start training at least 16 weeks before your first race of the season. This can mean the difference between feeling good and finishing strong, struggling to get over that finish line or a DNF (did not finish). We share in our blog “ When Should I Start Training for a Triathlon ” when we ....

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  • Coach Maggie Profiled in Alta Vista Newspaper

    Team Triumph is proud to share a lovely article about Coach Maggie. Read the story about how Coach Maggie qualified for the Hawaii Ironman Championships, started Coaching with Team Triumph and what her plans for the future are. Did you know that Coach Maggie is also a music teacher? Read on... Click to connect to the awesome news story recently published in the Vistas News by Anthony Hawden. Scroll to page 25 for the full article. ....

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