Why Shop With Team Triumph Triathlon Club?

We make your shopping experience EASY. We understand that buying the right gear can seem overwhelming and expensive, but we're here to help! We offer top-of-the-line products, at a GREAT price. 

No more guessing on what gear to buy or what will work best for you. Let the experts at Team Triumph suggest products for you based on your training regimen. We guarantee to make the process easy and inexpensive, AND you'll leave with quality products swim, bike, run, strength training equipment store based in Ottawa. 

We offer the following products/gear to make your training easier: 

  • HUUB Wetsuit - Open Water Swim Wetsuit, Triathlon Training
  • Swim Float - Open Water Swimming Float, Swim Tether, Swim Buoy, Swim Buddy Ottawa
  • Swim Caps - Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Triathlon
  • Swim Goggles - Swan’s Anti Fog Goggles, Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Triathlon
  • Neoprene Swim Gloves - Open Water Swimming, Triathlon
  • Neoprene Swim Socks - Booties for Cold Open Water Swimming, Triathlon
  • Neoprene Swim Cap - Swim hood for Cold Open Water Swimming, Triathlon
  • Running/Cycling Socks - Cycling and Running
  • Caps - Bocco Running
  • Arm Warmers - Running, Cycling, Triathlon
  • Race Belts - Triathlon, Running Belt
  • Triathlon Suit - Triathlon
  • Bib Shorts - Louis Garneau Cycling
  • Triathlon Tank - Triathlon
  • Cycling Jersey - Louis Garneau Cycling
  • Triathlon Shorts - Louis Garneau Cycling, Triathlon
  • Wind Dry Jacket - Louis Garneau Triathlon, Running, Cycling

High Quality Triathlon Training Gear For All Athletes

If you are looking for quality products with the option of curbside pickup or local delivery with a quick turn around time while supporting a local business, then its time to shop with us! We can also ship to most destinations in Canada. Whether you are new to Triathlon Training or you're a seasoned athlete, this equipment and gear will not only make your training easier, but it will take you to the next level.

Train on!

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