Brenda Ross

Brenda, has been an Ottawa resident since 1999, but her roots extend back to the vibrant landscapes of Southern Ontario.

Fresh out of high school at 19, Brenda embarked on a life-changing journey into the Military. It wasn't just a career move; it was where she mastered her super-duper admin skills and, plot twist, met her future husband!

Brenda's fitness journey is as diverse as it is impressive. With a rich background in fitness that includes Pilates, being an indoor group cycling instructor, and a certified Level 1 Triathlon Coach, Brenda has always been at the forefront of inspiring and guiding others in their fitness quests.

For 8 years, Brenda raced duathlons, but her thirst for challenges didn't stop there. She transitioned into the triathlon world, where for 10 years, she pushed her limits.

But as all good stories evolve, so did Brenda's athletic focus. After retiring from triathlon in 2022 Brenda turned her attention to strength training and biking, where she resides today.

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