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Gabi Porter

Gabi joined Team Triumph in 2020 having never completed a triathlon before. She grew up in Ottawa and studied Music Performance at McGill university before joining the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves in 2011. Gabi also studied Community and Justice Services at Algonquin College, and spent three years working with Ottawa’s homeless and at-risk youth population.

After having lived through a traumatic event in the Canadian Forces, Gabi spent some time battling mental illness and addiction before finally reaching out and asking for help. Gabi is a strong advocate for mental health and addiction awareness, and has been working hard on her personal healing journey since 2017. Training with Team Triumph has given her the opportunity to grow as a person, the confidence she needed to continue striving for a healthy and happy life, and the opportunity to connect with people who accept her with open hearts and minds. Gabi’s enthusiasm and love of life has been a welcome addition to the Team Triumph family, and she is now the Coordinator for the Beginner Triathlon Program as well as the Social Coordinator for Team Triumph.

Gabi has since retired from the Canadian Forces and spends most of her days doing what she loves: triathlon training and spending time with her wife, Dusty, and beloved dog, Maze. Gabi prides herself in being extremely average at extraordinary things, and has successfully completed a full Ironman race in Maryland in September 2021. Triathlon training and racing has given Gabi a sense of purpose and accomplishment, and she is dedicated to helping make this sport more accessible to everyone, regardless of who or where they come from.

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