Klara Doelle

Klara has been an avid swimmer since a young age. She has many years of experience coaching swimming for various age groups and levels. She joined the Team Triumph Triathlon Club as a swim coach in 2021. Her approach to coaching swimming is very technical, focusing on body awareness and emphasizing efficiency by finding balance in the water. 


Klara is a NCCP Certified Level 1 Swim Coach, and is also working towards her Level 2 certification. Additionally, she has completed the Adult Community Triathlon Coach training.


When she’s not on deck, in the water, or on the bike you can usually find Klara spending time with her dog, Charlie. Klara is also working on her PhD research in Neuroscience at Carleton University. 


NCCP Level 1 Swim Coach

NCCP Adult Community Triathlon Coach

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