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Klara Doelle

Klara has been an avid swimmer since a young age. She grew up on the east coast, swimming competitively for the Halifax Trojans Aquatic Club. In junior high school, volleyball became her primary sport but she kept up swimming as cross-training. Unfortunately, concussions stopped Klara from pursuing volleyball in university, so she transitioned to coaching instead. She started coaching indoor and beach volleyball at a range of levels, as well as returning to the Halifax Trojans as a swim coach. During her time coaching with the Halifax Trojans Klara earned her NCCP Level 1 Swim Coach certification. 


When Klara moved to Ottawa in 2019 she began coaching with the Greater Ottawa Kingfish Swim Team. This was interrupted by the pandemic but it was during lockdown that she picked up cycling and running. With her background in swimming, triathlons seemed like a natural next step. Klara is excited to join the Team Triumph coaching staff and share her knowledge of swimming while learning to take her triathlons to the next level. 


When she’s not on the deck or the bike you can usually find Klara spending time with her two dogs, Tucker and Charlie. Klara is also working on her PhD research in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa and studying osteopathy part time at the Canadian College of Osteopathy. 


NCCP Level 1 Swim Coach

NCCP Adult Community Triathlon Coach

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