Martin Couët

Martin Couët

NCCP Triathlon Adult Community Coach


Martin Couët (BA, CD) is Julia’s husband extraordinaire and, as such, he has been helping out with Team Triumph for many years in various capacities without really realizing it. An avid runner and cyclist (but not a competitive swimmer although he can definitely swim to save his life, and maybe someone else’s in the process), Martin takes part in sprint duathlons and running events every year, up to and including half-marathons, where he is competitive at the age group level. There have also been reported regular sightings of him at Yoga on the Hill every Summer, although he vehemently claims that he doesn’t do yoga.


He is usually at his busiest at training camps, where he will be the accountant, van driver, first aider, discipline enforcer (see below), logistics coordinator and overall go-to guy for pretty much everything except for coaching, although he has been known to lead groups of runners and cyclists (without anyone ever getting lost…so far). Martin is an NCCP Triathlon Adult Community coach.


A proud, devoted member of the Canadian military for the last 30+ years (don’t let his youthful looks, acute sense of humor and easy-going demeanor fool you), he truly believes in the saying that "no one will get left behind" and will try his utmost best to ensure that everyone is safe and looked after.


Martin has also been the Volunteer coordinator for Mike Collingwood’s Meech Lake Triathlon since 2013 – please email him directly if you would like to volunteer!

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