3x Podium Finishes at ITU World Triathlon Series - Montreal

What an exciting day of racing for Team Triumph! We started the race at 11:20 am in the stinking, hot and humid Montreal heat so the debate was on to wetsuit or not to wetsuit? Two of us decided to go without, which in a 750m swim you can save time by not taking the suit off but how much time do you lose without it on? My choice was to go without to bring down my core temperature which was already high. The swim was lovely; not too wavy and well spread out. The bike was super fun!! It was a 5 x 4 km loop and was very technical with tight turning descents and a descent into a sharp, short steep hill. Each time you could play with how to take the turns a bit faster and tighter. When we hit the run at midday under the hot sun it was like hitting a wall of heat. It was a case of push as hard as you can and hang on for dear life until you get to the finish line. The run times were generally slow but the victory was a sweet reward! 

Debi Zaret placed 1st in her age category and Sue Bennett placed 2nd. Coach placed 2nd and we all qualified for the 2020 World Championships in Edmonton. I was so proud to stand on the podium with these two inspiring and strong triathletes!!

It was also nice to see Erin McRae out on the course. Erin swam with us when she was in high school. She came in 5th overall in the women and 2nd in her age group.

I then watched the women's and men's elite races and we cheered loud for Team Canada. Joanna Brown placed 12th after getting a 10-second penalty for dropping her swim cap by the river. Tyler Mislawchuk won the bronze in an incredibly exciting sprint to the finish line. These two are our Olympic Team hopefuls. I look forward to seeing them race again at the World Championships in Lausanne at the end of August.


Brenda Ross and Cheryl Turpin were out at Tupper Lake on the weekend. They both came back with top 10 finishes! Brenda was 6th and Cheryl was 9th! Congrats gals!! We look forward to your race report.


Suzanne Rivest was out supporting a worthy cause last weekend. Congrats Suzanne for completing your 5km in a faster time than last year after recovering from colon cancer.  

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