Inspiring Performances this Weekend by Team Triumph Athletes

Sophie Completes 12km Swim at
La Traversée du lac Tremblant 2019

Congratulations to Sophie for taking on this incredible challenge! We are all so very proud of your accomplishment and grateful that you had Annemarieke by your side all the way!

Here is Sophie's Race Report:

"Aug 4th was the second edition of La Traversée du lac Tremblant.  When I submitted my application for the 12k HUUB Ultra Swim, I thought I wouldn’t be selected and would enjoy instead doing the 3k swim taking place on Saturday.  I have always been intrigued by long-distance swimmers and La Traversée seemed the perfect location to try it.  I first registered as a swimmer to realize soon after that it was a team challenge and I needed a kayaker.  Annemarieke Goldsmith was highly recommended by many Triumphers and it just felt like Christmas when she accepted to join the challenge with me last April.  We met a few times and we practiced long swims at her beautiful lake.  I truly benefited from her past 10K ultra swim experiences with Coach Kevin on all aspects of the swim. 

We were ready to embrace the challenge as we woke up at 4 am.  The morning was cold but beautiful.  Tremblant Lake is so unpredictable that it was a real blessing to have a quiet morning with a little Northwind.  The logistics were impressive and it was a real adventure to get to the end of the lake.  I got to meet many amazing experienced swimmers willing to share their passion and past experiences while on the boat heading La Baie des Ours.  Annemarieke along with the other kayakers were taken by bus and had to trek for 10 minutes before accessing their kayaks. There were 6 waves of 20 swimmers at departure, starting at 8 am every minute. Like most of the newbies, I was in the last wave.  My first objective was to find my kayaker out of the 120 kayakers posted ahead. 

Departure was a bit hectic with kayaks and swimmers trying to find their way.  I was happy to learn that I had swum my first 2k in 34 minutes.  We settled into a constant pace afterward.  Every bay we were passing by had side and bouncing currents.  Annemarieke kept me on pace and followed our race plan for nutrition.  I made sure to apply every tip coaches Julia, Maggie, and Kevin gave me over the past few months to keep good form. 

I thought the crossing at 90 degrees of the lake would be the most challenging part but the last 4km along the East shore of the lake ended up being the real challenge.  Currents seemed to be coming from all directions.  With no watch allowed, it was difficult to assess my pace. 

Arrival was a pure moment of joy with my very enthusiastic friends Debi, Renee, Pauline, Don, David, Stephanie, Claude, Ann and my husband Francis cheering for me on the beach!  I am very grateful for all the support and confidence my family, friends and coaches from Team Triumph gave me for this challenge.  It was an exciting and highly educative journey that I highly recommend!"


Congratulations to Coach Maggie on coming in 2nd in her age category at Ironman Canada!!! Here is her race report:
Ironman Canada delivered an exceptional day for racers! The weather, the volunteers, the course were all phenomenal. As a friend said, Whistler is like Tremblant on steroids! 

There were two transition zones (like Meech tri!) so the morning started with a bus ride out to Alta Lake. The swim in Alta Lake was my second favorite swim (1st being Kona) - the water was exceptionally clear and clean...and refreshing like a glass of chilled white wine!

I exited the swim with that “chill” clinging to me and subsequently started to shiver on the bike. The sun was out but was blocked by the tall trees and mountains in the first part of the course. Much of the ride is on the Sea to Sky highway which meant a more or less downward trajectory until Callahan road. This steep climb up to the 2010 Olympic Biathlon Park easily took away the morning chill! Coming down I was hitting speeds just over 70 kph...and that was with some cautionary feather braking! It was a serpentine descent which added to the thrill factor!

Back onto the Sea to Sky highway, you continue to descend and Daisy Lake. Your mind, now, is only thinking of the long climb ahead back up and beyond Whistler! ...and then do it all over again:)

Run started off well (no bears!) - again, the course was gorgeous with a mix of forest trails and river pathways. Unfortunately, leg cramps got the better of me that day (my hydration on the bike wasn’t optimal) so my first place lead slipped away from me! But no regrets- was happy to have had the opportunity to race this course in its final year....can’t wait to test out the Ironman Canada course in Penticton next summer!!!

Congratulations to Monique Beland's team for completing the long course and to Byron Johnson for coming in 2nd in his age category at the Kingston Triathlon!

Here is Monique's Report:

"Racing with my team today (Andrea & Julie) was so much fun.  No matter how old, young, fit or injured there is a way to enjoy racing for all that it is. We ranked 6/8 teams. Not great results but the experience of a relay was great and being able to watch the event unfold after the swim was very enjoyable. Distances were a first for all three of us so we were all very proud and happy. There was a lot of "Kevin said this" and "Kevin said that".  Kevin, you had a major impact out there!"

Thanks to Coach Kevin for providing excellent coaching for getting Monique and her team ready for the long course!

Thank you also to Monique for a delicious lunch at your Experience Café and Smoothie Bar on our 120km Ride on Thursday out to Embrun!


Some people come to triathlon as swimmers and some really don't. As we have heard time after time anything is possible with swimming and at the Riverkeeper Darcy Yee learned that she can swim the mighty Ottawa River on a windy and rough day. Congratulations Darcy! We are so proud of YOU!!!


Team Triumph is all about finding a tribe of people to train and race with. Well, Louise, Steve, and Anna decided to put together their tribe and make a team at the Superleague Triathlon in Ottawa. They had some speedy fast times which earned them a 1st place finish! Congratulations team!

Anna wrote:
"Feeling pretty blessed to have met these two crazy cats, Louise Lewis-James and Steve Rathwell, through Team Triumph! We had so much fun yesterday and we were sure to collect and celebrate our victory!"

Louise wrote:
"Fabulous day at the Super League Triathlon race today! The swim in the canal wasn't so bad and being surrounded by incredible swimmers means I had my fastest swim ever. Big thanks to my relay buddies Anna and Steve."

Steve wrote:
"Superleague! #Superfriends#teamwork with Anna and Louise we rocked it!!!! FIRST PLACE in the relay - Louise with a PB - 1:36/100m pace - Anna with a PB 22:34 5k and me with 40:18 for 20km 29.75km/h - Team time: 1:16.31"

Woo hoo!!! Sounds like a super event, super fun, and super fast triathlon! Congrats to the dream team!

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