France Girard climbs another mountain

Back in June, we did a spotlight on France Girard in the OAC blog. Today, we are publishing an exciting update from her. With the race season winding down, we will catch-up on a few spotlights in our weekly news to keep you inspired for next season! 

France is a retired school principal and Grandmother. I had the pleasure of meeting her at her 1st triathlon in Brockville where I quickly "cleaned-up" her transition zone and gave her some pointers on how to do a triathlon. She then joined Team Triumph and has been hooked ever since!

Here are France's Words of Inspiration:

"Life is made of multiple challenges that you need to overcome, mountains that need to be conquered, sometimes big, sometimes small. Everyone chooses the mountains that they want to climb.

In my case, I have already successfully climbed the mountains called education, family, and career.

In retirement, a new mountain is being offered to me!

On my way I have met a friend/sister, who motivates me every day;
I am with a team, with whom I developed my swimming skills and my cycling stamina.
Now my biggest challenge is the run!

Just like when I reached my previous goals, I know that the view from the top will be amazing.
However, in order to get there, I will need to keep myself well surrounded, dedicated, and I will have to know how to adapt.

In my case, there will always be a new mountain to climb so I can surpass myself!"

France then wrote to me after completing her first 70.3 Triathlon...

"I made it! I climbed one more mountain! The Canadian, 1/2 Iron. The water was great! The temperature not too warm, with a nice breeze! Even the course was not too challenging for my first time. 

My team, Chummy, Anne, Yvon, Julia, Linda, Hélène, Monique, Debbie, Sophie, Monique, Marc-André, the S.A.R. and the Team Triumph gang gave me a lot of positive vibes!

Thank you for your encouragement! I'm feeling good after 6 months of training! 

Now let us rest, enjoy the view and pick another mountain to climb!"

Congratulations France!! You are an inspiration to us all!!

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