We are excited to share with you, the first Power Profile Chart for Age Groupers of it's kind! Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey and allowed us to develop a chart so you, our members could aspire to power profile numbers you can actually relate to. There are charts for high-level category ranked cyclists and elite triathletes but nowhere can you find a chart like this!

The average score for women in the club is 2.4 and the average score for men in the club is 2.5. You can see on the chart what the athlete type is and whether they have qualified for the world championships. So if you want to qualify in your age group or do a longer distance event, this chart will give you a sense of what sort of watts/kg you will want to chase after. 

We will repeat the survey to mark improvements in power as we get closer to race season. The more data we collect, the more useful it will be for everyone. In the meantime, keep coming to class, keep up your strength training and we guarantee your numbers will improve!

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