Triathlon Season is just around the corner

Triathlon season is just around the corner which means that it's time to look at the race schedule on Somersault and decide which races you want to complete.

Having races in your calendar gives you a goal to chase. Having a goal keeps your motivation to work out high. When your motivation is high, your training is consistent. Consistent training makes you fitter, healthier and happier. The fitter you are, the more likely you are to not only achieve your goals but maybe even exceed your expectations!

How do you decide which races you should choose? First of all, it's best to check the family calendar and see what's scheduled for the Summer so there are no conflicts. When deciding on the length of the race it comes down to a few things: experience, time, injuries and motivation. See our blog here for more considerations.

If it's your first triathlon season, doing an Ironman distance is not recommended. Start with a tri-a-tri or a sprint and see how you like it before committing the BIG bucks to an Ironman. It's a good idea to try each distance one at a time over a few seasons and decide which one you like and which one works for your family life.

If you're a busy parent or have a busy career or both, this might not be the best time to choose a long-distance race. Yes, you might be able to check the IM dot off your bucket list but at the cost of what sacrifices? Your career, marriage, family or your body?

While training for a triathlon makes you fit and healthy, injuries can occur from doing too much, too soon or overtraining before you have adapted to the training load. If you already have an injury adding more training or doing high intensity will aggravate it. Pick a distance that you know you can manage and that you enjoy!

If you don't enjoy redlining to the finish line, then a sprint distance may not be your thing. Choosing your distance really comes down to what motivates you. If you love the idea of being out moving for 3, 6 or 12 to 15 hours try them all and see what works.

Ask your friends and teammates which races they enjoy and buddy up so you have a tribe who can keep you accountable. Doing races together makes them fun and can settle the race nerves down a bit.

Most importantly, be realistic about how much time you have to train and make sure that your family is on board. You have many seasons ahead and some will be stronger, faster or longer than others.

Jump on Somersault now and get planning and registering. Contact us at if you are looking for club practices or private one-to-one coaching for swimming or triathlon. We'd be happy to help you reach your goals.

Keep moving forward and enJOY the ride!


Julia Aimers
CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist
CSEP High-Performance Specialist

Certified Triathlon, Cycling, Yoga and Swimming Coach
USA Cycling Level 2 Coach
Training Peaks Accredited Coach

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