Hypothermic Half and First Triathlon of the Year!!!!


It was a beautiful day for the Hypothermic Half, and Team Triumphers stepped up to the line in droves!

Congratulations to

  • Lynn Scott
  • John Gomes
  • Carl Habel
  • Anna Belanger and Mark Belanger seen above. Also out were
  • Glen Paradis
  • Josee Perreault and
  • Ranya El Sadawy.

There were some fast finishers in the group with some sweet rankings. Well done everyone!




Congratulations to Gavin Grusnick and Rayan Mamun for completing their 1st Olympic distance triathlon out in Alberta on Saturday at the UBC Triathlon. Gavin is seen above with his pregnant wife Jaycee and son.

Here is Gavin's fun report :)

The race is done. Paced myself a little too much and couldn't get my legs moving on the run to make up for it. 

32 min swim was a joke. Easiest swim of my life. Had a head-on collision. (Someone else passing so their fault ) I gave up passing was too difficult. 

I crashed my bike at 15k trying to drink water. That sucked. Calf hurt the rest of the race. Positive note 40k is my longest bike ever. (I bought my first bike last June)

Running I just suck at it haha

So much fun! I can't wait to do more. 


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