St. Patrick's Day Virtual 5/10km Was a Sucess



WOWOWOWOW!! What an amazing turnout we had this weekend for the 5km - 10km virtual walk/run event!! It was such fun looking at all of your accomplishments and pictures. Congrats to all who took part. We actually had a few PB's today which is pretty amazing given the stress levels of the past week.

A special shout out and thumbs up to Byron Johnson, one of our oldest members (over 70), for staying indoors and self-isolating after returning home from the states. I know it's not easy and if you know Byron he could kick most of our butts running and cycling for that matter!

Here are the results!
Julia Vlaming
Jennifer Kellar
Julie Watkins
Randy Peaker
Simone Rose-Oliver
Cristina Martinez
Jennifer Rae-Brown (opted to ski)
Kory McDonald (opted to ski)
Steve Swanwick
Josee Perreault
Michael Pierce
Debbi Ward
Ariane Zeba (in Belgium)
Andrea Levesque (in California)
Pedro Ibarra
Pascale Savard
Aaron Lesarge
Alla Khvatova
Glen Paradis
Anna Belanger
Mark Belanger
Robert Brown
Gary Maxwell
Brad Vlaming 
Shawn Charland 
Dana Cooper
Kit E
Luc Lapensee
Lynn Scott
Emily Graves
Anita Taylor
Ranya El Sadawy
Dan Begin
John McGowan
Phil Hodson
Debi Zaret
Stephanie Obaseki-Johnson
Larissa Couet - yep my step daughter took the challenge!
Julie Lafrance
Linda Lafrance
Cecile Beaurepaire 
Anne Edwards
Langley Muir
Suzanne Rivest
Darcy Yee
France St Denis
Chris Barron
Darius Skusevicius
...and on Saturday:
Louise Lewis-James and her husband Graeme
Brenda Ross
Gavin Grusnick  - in the mud, pushing a stroller and holding onto the dog!

We aren't just doing this event for the Vanier Social Paediatric Hub, we are also doing this for our own mental health!! Keep moving, everyone, and try to limit your exposure to the doom and gloom news to twice a day. 

Please consider donating to the Vanier Social Paediatric HUB here: 

Stephanie, Julie, Cecile and Linda practicing Social Distancing in their selfie for the St Paddy's Challenge!
Debi Zaret seen flying along the Canal during her 5km Time Trial!
Shawn Charland got out and crushed his 15 year personal best for 10k!
Dana Cooper got his 10km done and dusted!!
Julie Watkins doing her 5km walk!
Louise and her husband Graeme taking some respite from a house full of kids. They had their 3 kids doing art and then put on a brilliant art show on Facebook! Great idea! 

Below Mark and Anna Belanger were out with their new puppy Walter who did his 1st 5km after Anna did a 16km run!
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