CHEO Virtual Cycle Challenge - SUCCESS!!!!!

What a perfect weekend for our CHEO Cycling Challenge! Team Triumphers took to the streets and jumped on their trainers to support the challenge. The goal was to ride 50-70km or bike 5km with their kids to support our drive to donate children's masks to help protect the kids at CHEO. Congratulations to everyone who geared up for the challenge.  

According to Team Triumpher Pascale, our master seamstress, she has 126 orders so far. Let's see if we can get to 150 masks! The good news is, it's not too late to order! Just $5.00 goes a long way!

Thanks a million to Pascale who has been busy sewing masks galore for our CHEO Challenge! If you would like to purchase one for yourself or donate kids' masks for CHEO, for only $5.00, please contact her directly, let her know how many masks you would like to order for boys or girls and then send her an e-transfer. Here is her email address -



Julie Watkins - 52km
Randy Graham - 50km
Darius Skusevicius - 50km
Erik Shantz - 50km
Julie Deimling - 70km
Sophie Dagenais - 71km
Luc Lapensee - 50km
Dan Begin - 68km
Luc Soucie - 51km
Linda Lafrance - 60km also completed 32km Run on Sunday to prepare for ORW Marathon!!
Anita Taylor - 50km
Stephanie Obaseki-Johnson - 65km - 45km plus 20km with her young kids!
Debi Zaret - 51.7km
Glen Paradis - 90 km plus he completed the Virtual Half Ironman!
Darcy Yee - 50km
Cecile Beaurepaire - 54km
Gary Maxwell - 90km plus he completed the Virtual Half Ironman
Ranya El Sadawy - 90km plus she completed the Virtual Half Ironman
Steve Swanwick - 71km also completed 31km Run on Sunday to prepare for ORW Marathon!!
France St Denis - 50km
Anna Belanger - 50km
Brenda Ross - 86km
Renee Robert - 68km
Doreen Lipovski - 59km
Natacha Riendeau - completed 7.3km with her son Mackenzie so he could see his friends on his 6th Birthday!
Josee Perreault - 85km
Julia Vlaming - completed 8km with her young son Evan
Joanne Beveridge - 54km
Pedro Ibarra - 50km
Kory MacDonald - 50km
Bob Browne - 51km
Jenn Kellar - 51km
Christine Demers - 50km
Elle Wubbs - 87km
Stephan Seillier - 87km

WOWOWOWOW!!! That's 35 CHEO Challengers that we found. Apologies if we missed anyone :)

Julie Watkins and her husband heading out for their 50km ride with Heather Eberts' lipstick in mind :) 
Cary Willis and Joanne Beveridge had a nice 50km ride along the river path with a friend.
Jenn Kellar and Bob Browne joined us Saturday for 50km on their trainers outside! Did you know that even if you don't have Zwift you can join our rides? Listen to the workout on Discord and we workout together!
Ranya El Sadawy is pretty happy to be finished the Virtual Half Ironman!
Anna Belanger got her 50km ride done on Zwift outside!

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