Although the RLCT is canceled this year, we want to encourage our members to complete it virtually in some capacity.

The Rideau Lakes Cycling Tour is one of the country's longest-running cycling events. The two-day ride takes you through picturesque towns and villages along the Rideau Lakes waterway to the shores of Lake Ontario. 

Traditionally two days, four routes. 220 to 420 kms.

With the tour being canceled we realize that many people may have stopped training for the event and may not be in a position to complete the 220 to 420kms that they would have, had the tour been a go, soooooo.....we are asking our members, during the week of June 8th, to do two long rides back to back (25k/25k) or maybe (50k/50k), or for those who are well trained up (100k/100k) or maybe more!

We can't wait to see your pictures of your adventures. Join us for this challenge. 


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