Cycle Challenge Is Complete

Last week we challenged our members, in honour of the Rideau Lakes Tour to complete two long rides back to back. The options were:

50k/100k, or for those well trained up 100k/100k or maybe more!

This truly was a bigger challenge than expected given a few rainy days, extreme winds and the cooler weather we had. There were 7 of us who completed the challenge:
Dan 51k/100k
Glen 121k/122k
Darius 120k/45k
Ranya 54k/108k
Luc 60k/120k
Renee 60k/83k
Coach Julia 100k/100k

For those tapering for their A Event Tremblant Challenge next weekend, I was happy to see that you behaved and stuck to your schedule!

Congratulations everyone.

After Ranya El Sadawy's private open water swim lesson with Coach Maggie, they headed up to Champlain to complete Ranya's Day 1 - 54km Ride on Saturday. The day before Ranya had run 25km. On Sunday, Ranya went on to complete 108km. Sounds like Ranya might have an Ironman in her future!


Luc Lapensee got 60km of cycling in early on day one before his golf lesson and then enjoyed a beautiful 120km long ride on day 2 with Pam.

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