Everest Challenge w/Emily Graves Part 1

Over the holidays, Emily Graves reached out for some coaching to achieve a goal of climbing the equivalent elevation and distance of Everest on Zwift. After analyzing her current metrics and zones, we put together a structured plan to get her to the finish line. Part 1 was to get her to Base Camp. Now that we know Emily's current abilities, we can build on that to plan Part 2 of her training. 

Here is her report:
A triage between, and a test of #mindbodyspirit ! This rookie 54-year-old cyclist hit basecamp �� (4500 meters) and will now progress to train for the full Mount Everest (8849 meters) �� climb on March 26.

It was a bit of a rocky start as my wattage was high (I thought there was something wrong with the calibration of my trainer) but I worked to keep it down to my zone 2 (which was a challenge because the terrain kept pushing me to go to zone 3). After a while, my mind, body and spirit settled on certain numbers so I could sustain my energy and effort through my 4,500m goal. Each time I went over or approached my FTP, I hissed “breach!”, took deep breaths and relaxed my feet on the pedals to bring the wattage down.

There’s indeed a science to this! I took mini sips of my electrolytes at .1 of each kilometre and sips of water at .7. I planned to have little bites to eat every 30 minutes but the timing for that got derailed a bit. I had a big breakfast and couldn’t muster putting food at my planned timed intervals. In the end. I had two Gu gels, a banana, small servings (1/4) cup of oatmeal-muesli, potatoes mashed in cream cheese, applesauce, banana-walnut muffin, and oatmeal-egg-banana pancake I prepared in advance of the ride.

I took breaks while I sent the bike down on the descents on auto pilot, stretched and massaged my legs with @amphuman bicarbonate lotion, dabbed generous amounts of chamois on key body parts ��, changed bib shorts, and heck, even walked Tobi quickly outside! I had already decided I was the captain on my ship �� and made this my business ~ and took charge of all matters within my #sphereofcontrol .

Nevertheless it was all hard work, but I was pleased I did not bonk or have any muscular or saddle issues (I figured something out in this department ��). After the ride, I took a nap after a hearty lunch, did a short 3k run, and full body stretches on the monkey �� bars �� at my favourite heritage bridge. I closed my day with a couple of kamikaze cocktails �� from my #projectcocktail collection, along with satisfying bits from my favourite charcuterie box from @rabbitholeott!

There was a reason to party ��.

Thanks to my support team: Coach Julia, Nutritionist Beth Mansfield, V02 max testing at Peak Centre and my many cycling friends!

I continue to learn a lot from this journey! 

Stay tuned for Part 2 as Emily prepares to get to the top of Everest!!

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