Why You Should Consider Staying on Zwift through the Warmer Months

Training in the winter is always challenging.  The race season seems so far away. Add in cold, dark wet days and COVID, well you know where we’re going with this.



Thankfully we had Zwift and our Virtual Cycling Program to provide us with a structured and periodized plan that tracks our fitness and recovery. It was great to have a program to keep us motivated, connected with our tribe, and on track, even if the race season seemed unsure.



Now that the weather is warmer, many of you are jumping off your trainers and onto the road. But wait…..should you stop Zwifting?



Absolutely not! 



Here are some reasons why we think you should consider Zwifting this summer:

  • Get shorter rides done quicker: I don’t know about you but my prep time is often as long as my short ride is. Pump the tires, get my electronics on the bike and calibrated, get dressed, ride 15-30 minutes through stop signs/lights until I get a good area to ride without stopping.  Do you see where I am going? 

  • High-quality interval sessions: Putting in shorter, high-intensity workouts on the indoor trainer keeps them very specific. You can control every aspect of the workout with no risk of interruptions.

  • Safety: when you’re doing a structured workout outdoors you have lights, other cyclists and cars to contend with not to mention that you have to look down at what the next interval will be. Whether you’re recuperating from an injury or just concerned about the dangers of real-world riding, moving the ride indoors keeps you out of harm’s way.

  • Riding late at night: Fitting a ride in can be a challenge regardless of the season. If you can’t fit the workout in before dark, then Zwift is a great option to have.

  • Family time: Lots of Zwifters are stay-at-home parents with young kids, or simply want to spend as much time with their families as possible. You can Zwift whenever it fits your schedule allowing you the flexibility to spend time with your family. 

  • Avoiding sunlight: you could be taking medication or have a medical condition that makes you want to avoid sunlight so riding indoors out of the rays takes a possible sunburn or reaction to the sun out of the equation.

  • Avoiding bad air: Air quality can fluctuate seasonally, especially when it comes to pollen counts. If you suffer from a breathing disorder or allergies it’s easier to control your indoor environment.


For these very reasons is why we’ve put together a Summer Virtual Cycling Program and registration is now open. The program starts May 1st. Full details can be found on our website [here]

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