Why You Don't Need the Gym to Get a Good Workout

The health and fitness industry has seen massive changes over the last year! People are preferring the convenience of doing workouts right from their home over travelling out to a gym. Think about when you first heard about personal training being done over video. Maybe you were skeptical of the benefits. You might have asked yourself if a trainer can really correct your form over a screen, or if the program would still be tailored to your goals. The answer to both of those questions is yes. I have been told time and time again how blown away people are by the virtual training experience. No more battling traffic, carving hours out of your schedule or cancelling last minute because your kid is home sick from school.



Your Virtual Training Experience:

No matter where you are training from, a great personal trainer will start your initial session by discussing your goals, injuries, past movement history, lifestyle, and will perform a movement assessment on you. This first session is pivotal for you two to build a strategy that will get you lasting results.


Each body is unique and so it is my opinion that every workout program should reflect that. If you meet with a trainer and they throw you into a workout without giving some sort of movement assessment, run the other way! It's a crucial process so that your trainer can determine imbalances, weaknesses, poor movement patterns, etc.


All human movements can be categorized into the following types:

- hip-hinge

- level-change

- push

- pull

- rotation

- core


It is through a comprehensive Functional Movement Assessment that you gain the information that you need to have a program specially designed for you and your needs. During the Movement Assessment, your trainer should make notes on areas in the body that need improvement. For example, during a bodyweight squat, perhaps the client can’t reach full depth maintaining good positioning. The trainer may then determine that the client’s program must address hip and ankle mobility and core stability.



Do You Need A Gym To Get A Great Workout?

In your second session, you will start your specially tailored program. When it comes to workout spaces, I’ve seen it all. Some people are lucky enough to have a fully decked-out basement that rivals most commercial gyms, and some people have a closet. I kid you not, I have virtually trained someone who only had their walk-in closet to work with!


A knowledgeable trainer will be able to give you a great workout in even the smallest spaces with very limited equipment. I always tell people as long as they have a cleared space on the floor and their body, that’s all we need.


So if you’re curious about virtual training, I encourage you to try it out! It could be exactly what you needed to crush your goals!


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Kathleen Holt - BSc.HK | Functional Trainer + Lifestyle Coach
Founder of Boundless, instagram: @kathleen.holt_

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