Finding Challenges When You Can't Race


For many of the athletes that we coach on Training Peaks, so far this has been a triathlon season of many disappointments. With race after race being cancelled, we had promised them that no matter what, we will make the June Tremblant race weekend happen whether it was up North or in Meech Lake. With the borders re-opening in Quebec just in time, and everyone being vaccinated, we were able to quickly come through on our promise and get out to Gatineau Park last Friday for a fun race simulation. Due to Covid number restrictions, we had to keep the numbers to no more than 10 so we could not open it up to the whole club....just yet!

You can certainly see from the smiles that there were some happy triathletes testing their swim, bike, run fitness! Most importantly we are all so happy to gather again and connect and play with our community!!

Gabi Porter not only finished her first triathlon but did a 70.3 in those hills. Glen also completed the 70.3 feeling pretty fit and ready to do it again! Cecile was limited with an injury so decided to do the longest swim of the day at 3000m and a smoking fast 45km ride! Randy and France both pulled off a speedy Olympic Distance event timing their transitions as well! Janet did a 2000m swim and 80km ride and helped Julia play sweep on the course. A big thank you to Martin for being kayak support on the new swim course at Meech Lake.

Congrats to everyone who came out and to those completing their personal challenges this week and next!

We are looking forward to holding another event like this in August after we are able to open up to more of our members!

In the meantime keep an eye open on your emails as we open up registration in the coming days for our SUMMER FUN PROGRAM which starts Monday, July 5th!


Julia Aimers is the Head Coach and Founder of Team Triumph Triathlon Club and Online Shop. She is a certified triathlon, cycling, swimming, yoga and accredited Training Peaks Coach. She is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, High-Performance Specialist and a Coach Learning Facilitator for Triathlon Canada.

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