Are you swimming with a broken paddle?


As Canadians, we know a thing or two about canoeing. Canoe trips are a favourite family Summer pastime here in the great white North. Many of us have plunged a paddle into our sparkly water ways. Ahh... that wonderful feeling of pressing water against a paddle so we can drive ourselves forward, gliding through the waves.

But what if your paddle was broken? It may take a little longer to get across the lake, eh? Having been busy doing open water swimming lessons this Summer, I have seen countless swimmers with broken paddles! 

Imagine your wrist being bent towards your arm as you are catching the water and pressing it back. This action would slow you down similarly to having a broken paddle. The good news is that when you're swimming and looking down towards your hand while in the water, you can actually see if your wrist is bent. 

Next time you are out for a refreshing dip, check your paddles and stiffen them up.  Need some help with your open water swim technique?  Book a private lesson today. More info [here]

Julia Aimers is the Head Coach and Founder of Team Triumph Triathlon Club and Online Store. One of her true passions is watching non swimmers turn into fish!

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