Racing is Back!!!!!


It's been a long two years without racing but finally, we are back to doing what we love!! As all the gang were saying yesterday, the only thing that was really hurting was our smile muscles because we were just so happy to race again! Oh and maybe our egos were a bit bruised given the out-of-practice slow transition times but we were all a bit rusty...haha!!

A huge thank you to the race crew and volunteers for putting on a safe Covid Triathlon. We were in masks at the start and given them at the finish, the T-Zone was well spread apart as were the races. They even cleaned the racks after each race!

We had a huge gang of 24 athletes out from Team Triumph and I was so proud of each and everyone of them! Congratulations, gang!!

Here are their results:

Brad Vlaming - 1st Olympic Distance Tri!
Mohammed Benmouffok
Glen Paradis
Randy Graham - 4th in age category!
Stephanie Obaseki-Johnson
Sebastien Beaulieu
Darius Skusevicius - PB!!
Josee Perreault - 2nd in age category!
Dan Begin
Derek Johnson
Annick Desrosiers
Joanne Bezzubetz - 1st in age category!
Gabi Porter - 1st triathlon!
Michaël Srogosz-Bolduc - 1st triathlon!
Julia Vlaming - PB!!
Boris Etho Assoumou - 1st triathlon!
Sue Bennett
Coach Julia

Helene Fortier - 3rd in age category!
Harry Briggs - 5th in age category!
Erik Shantz
Renee Robert - 1st in age category!
Maria Arango - 1st sprint triathlon!
Lance Valcour - 1st triathlon!

Next race is in 2 weeks in Montreal...who's in?

Photos above from left to right:
Boris, Julia, Michael, Brad
Brad, Gabi, Stephanie, Maria, Helene, Renee
Brad, Julia, Sue

And below:
Glen, Stephanie
Joanne, Randy
Josee, Darius
Dan, Derek

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