"All done!  Podium finish for my age group with a personal best for my swim.  It was awesome. Thanks to Coach Kevin!!! Also top cancer survivor finisher in my group and had my best overall finish.  Had no legs on the run, totally spent from the bike. Lots of fun.  Already planning for next year.  "


"Hey everyone - I mentioned I signed up last minute for the Irongirl Canada tri. It was yesterday and I had a blast. I freely admit I struggled during the pandemic. Quit running for months (monthly mileage was only 25-50km), but was consistent on the zwift rides 3x a week from Oct - March. And swam 1-2x a week when pools were open.

I was pretty depressed when the last lockdown hit in April. Didn’t bike until our Meech lake Monday’s started.

Runnings been meh. Started building back in May but had a bit of plantar fasciitis starting in June so backed off until I could resolve that (it took 4 -6 weeks).

So my motivation for this race was just to be around people again. The Monday’s with Team Triumph have really filled up my emotional bucket, and I knew doing that race for the experience would simply add to it. I went in with very realistic expectations but I decided, it’s a sprint, just go for it on the bike.

I’m happy to say, doing hills helps you on a flat course with a brutal headwind didn’t care if I had to walk the run, I have never just gone for it on the bike before. I love having power pedals now on the bike it helped me see when it was worth it to push and when not. Thanks, Julia Aimers for all your amazing structured coaching on Zwift this past winter.

Anyone who is just thinking of doing the virtual spin classes with Julia or unsure/hasn’t tried the Zwift with Team Triumph highly recommend it! I haven’t got back to it mainly because I teach a class at the same time and am lazy about taking my bike on and off the trainer. But I’m recommitted after this weekend. I realized how much that training impacted my biking and know I’m stronger than I think now.

I won’t know my placing in my age group until later today as they split the race over 2 days but I came 6 out of about 65 in my age group 45-49 yesterday. All because of that bike (passed 40 people ahead of me as I had a slow swim, and slow for me, run). My goal was 1:30, I finished in 1:27 despite the slow run. I managed my HR and didn’t overheat on the run. I felt very in control of my whole race. The transition was organized and I was focused. I had fun.

So excited to train with Team Triumph this winter and for racing next year. My BFF and I decided well do Musselman 70.3, Kingston short course, and Barrelman 70.3.

Oh and I’m buying a TT bike ��



We have a great gang of folks who have cottages up at Tremblant. They enjoy getting out for workouts together when they can. This picture truly depicts the awesome friendships made in Team Triumph! Seen above Debi Zaret, Sophie Dagenais, Renee Robert and Pauline Lynch-Stewart on the new Ironman ramp before their swim in Lac Tremblant wearing Team Triumph's favourite HUUB wetsuits!


Julia Aimers
CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist
CSEP High Performance Specialist
Certified Triathlon, Cycling, Yoga and Swimming Coach
USA Cycling Level 2 Coach
Training Peaks Accredited Coach

Owner/Head Coach
Team Triumph Triathlon Club