The Ironman Roller Coaster

The 2020 and now 2021 Ironman race seasons have been filled with anticipation and disappointment for many of our athletes. The training involved consumes so much time and energy. With Tremblant, Penticton and Kona being cancelled and the border into the US remaining closed making access to Maryland IM a challenge, Ironman dreams have been thrown upside down and for many the option of a refund became a better choice both financially and logistically.

In the BIG picture, you can be happy for your good health, your ability to do those epic long workouts and the mental health benefits the focussed training likely provided for you especially during lockdowns. Understandably, you may also be consumed with disappointment because your goals have been shattered. 

Ironman is like no other triathlon and that's why not everyone can do it nor attempt it. Although it's a tough pill to swallow, there will be other Ironmans in the future and even if you don't choose to do another one, congratulate yourself on the incredible training you did to prepare.

Team Triumph member Glen Paradis owns a small business called Barnstormer Tattoos that has been hit hard by the pandemic. A few of our members have benefitted from Glen's amazing artistic talent! When Tremblant cancelled he made the tough decision to do the IM on his own for the 2nd year in a row. He was even better prepared this year than last having completed some really strong training blocks. Last Sunday was the scheduled date and also one of the hottest on record! 

Glen had an awesome swim in Meech Lake, kayak supported by his wife Brigitte and new puppy! He then performed a really well-paced 180km ride in the extreme heat. As he moved onto the run, the heat was unbearable and after 9km, he realized he could either walk the remaining 30km or call it a day. He made the right decision to shut it down to avoid full heatstroke. A HUGE congratulations to you Glen! IronGlen is heading to the 70.3 Esprit Triathlon next with a great crew from Team Triumph!

We still have a few Ironman athletes going to the Maryland IM and a bunch going to Cozumel and we wish them all the best!!

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