Making the Best the Summer of 2021



Our Mondays at Meech gang launched for their longest swim of the Summer last week. Julia Vlaming took the prize for the longest swim: just under 7km! Andrea and Maria did about 45 mins, Gabi 5km, Moneca doesn't wear a watch but was spotted past the 1500m buoy before she turned around, Kirsten did over 2km, Christine over 3km, Josee did 4km last week before she started her Muskoka taper. Unfortunately, the Early Birds wanted the photo of the week and Erik hurt his shoulder doing a handstand for it...oops!

The Late Owls then joined us and Byron did his longest swim at over 3km, Julie Sauve who just started open water swimming 7 weeks ago did over 1200m, Heather did her first 2km with a little prodding from coach Julia, Francois needed a drop day, and Lara did over 2400m. Renee had plans but made sure to get her longest swim of the Summer at 4km.....  What a week for Epic swims!!

Paige (seen below with pink float) also did her longest swim ever at 2km with her husband Dan to celebrate her Birthday! Now that's what I call celebrating!!

Cecile and Stephanie were signed up for the Traverse du Lac Tremblant but when it got cancelled they completed a 5km swim together in Meech Lake! Steve Swanwick who was supposed to do IM Maryland completed a 5km swim and has done some epic cycling and running this Summer.

Congratulations to everyone for going out and challenging yourself to be stronger every week!


Pauline took Ann out for her longest swim (seen below in black and white). When I did my first swim lesson with Ann, she immediately told me that she doesn't put her face in the water. By lesson 2 she was fully immersed! After a few group swim terms with Coaches Maggie, Kevin and myself she is proud to say she has completed a 2km swim in open water!! Thanks, Pauline for taking Ann out, you put the T in Team!! Woo hooo!! 



The Triumph Tremblant gang were also spotted taking a break on a group ride in Tremblant. This is what Pauline had to say about Team Triumph...

“Here’s to you Julia! Over the last 25 years or so you have gathered up this rag tag community of people and infused it not only with athletic skill but with much love, passion and a huge dose of gratitude — for our health and fitness, for the places we play in, and for each other. The pandemic may have changed the nature of Team Triumph in some ways, but your rich legacy of community continues to thrive. Thanks for this incredible gift Julia!”

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