ARE YOU LOST IN WATOPIA? Why Consider a Virtual Cycling Program



Why Consider a Virtual Cycling Program

I’m not going to lie, riding outside is always more fun and exciting than riding on an indoor trainer, but living in a cold climate, we have two choices when the snow arrives.

  1. Don’t cycle all winter and choose to focus on a winter activity, like cross-country skiing, and show up in the spring fit but not cycling fit; or

  2. Move to the indoor trainer and keep your cycling fitness while enjoying the other winter sports so you show up in spring with your cycling legs and lungs ready to ramp up for the summer season.


So you’ve decided on option #2. We fully support you on that decision, but then the next question is what should you focus on while riding your bike on the trainer?


You can just sign up for an app like Zwift, Sufferfest, Trainerroad, or Rouvy, and just ride the routes without a plan, or you can purchase one of their plans but we feel without a coach to guide you on what to train and when to train you could be doing more harm than good.


By not having a coached program you could:

  1. Overtrain

  2. Undertrain

  3. Not train the correct energy systems

  4. Lose motivation


We have designed it so that our athletes get a periodized and accountable program focusing on training the right energy systems and training zones at the right time of the year.


We avoid boredom in our program by using the Zwift cycling app in combination with Training Peaks fully customized programs developed by accredited Training Peaks coach Julia Aimers, Apple Music, and the Discord app.


The cycling app provides a virtual visual world where we can ride with our teammates to our specifically programmed Apple playlists. If you decide to do the class live, the Discord app allows us to communicate during the ride while receiving coaching.


We use the Training Peaks App to upload the workouts for the week so our athletes can train according to the current level of fitness (FTP), collect data on their rides, monitor their fitness improvement, and look ahead and plan accordingly.


Not sure this program is for you? Here is what some of our athletes had to say:


“This program provides the intensity of workout I was looking for as well as the structure, accountability, and a nice bit of social interaction. I have found myself setting some goals again for my fitness and having fun tracking them on Zwift, Training Peaks and Strava. Thank you, Julia and all of Team Triumph for once again pushing me to work harder and to have so much fun doing it." Ann L


“I've improved my FTP by 13 watts since the last test at the end of November. So today I proved that was simply a lie I told myself that it would be impossible for me to hit those watts. Thank you so much Coach Julia Cooper-Aimers for your structured bike program. By doing the work I’m getting stronger!" Lara W


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Julia Aimers is the Founder and Head Coach of Team Triumph Triathlon Club and Online Store.

She is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, High Performance Specialist, Accredited Training Peaks Coach and Certified Triathlon & Cycling Coach.

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