Marathon Madness!!!!

With so many of the big marathons being previously cancelled and postponed it seems like they are all happening at the same time this Fall. We had Boston and Chicago last weekend, Kit E in London and many members at the Petit Train the weekend before and Ranya in Berlin the weekend before that! Congratulations to Darius Skusevičius and Maryanne Gillespie who both completed the Chicago Marathon!

Meanwhile back in Ottawa...Helene Fortier, Josee Perreault and Chantal Beaudin who had completed the Petit Train du Nord Marathon and qualified for Boston next year, completed the Virtual Boston Marathon. That is two marathons on back-to-back weekends...woohoo!! New member, Roupen Odabashian also completed two marathons back to back weekends on his own to raise money for CHEO! It's amazing what the human body is capable of when trained properly. 

France St-Denis decided to skip Berlin because the races were too close and instead focus on going to Boston. Congratulations to France who had an all-time personal best in Boston and was overjoyed to race it in person!!



Julia Aimers
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