Not all Virtual Cycling Programs are Created Equal

Not all virtual cycling programs are created equal. However, if you choose the right one you can reap some great fitness benefits that are guaranteed to transfer to your early season triathlon bike fitness.


With spin classes no longer being available, if you want to cycle in the winter, having a stationary bike or bike trainer is a must. You do not have to own an indoor trainer to keep or improve your bike fitness over the winter months, but if you do have one, joining a club that uses trainers along with Zwift can be a game-changer. 


If you choose the right virtual cycling program you can not only maintain your previous year's fitness but improve upon it. I have been teaching spinning for over 25 years. I used to use spinning exclusively for my winter bike fitness, but when COVID hit I made the switch to virtual cycling on Zwift. Our classes are designed with the triathlete and cyclist in mind using watts, gaging perceived exertion and heart rate. Before you sign up for a virtual cycling program here are some things to keep in mind.


  • WHO IS THE LEADER? - Is your instructor a certified triathlon or cycling coach? If all you are looking for is a great workout then an app like Peleton can do that for you, but if you are looking for a program that caters to a triathlete or outdoor cyclist, your best bet is to register for a program that is geared toward cyclists and triathletes and lead by a certified coach.


  • YOU ARE PART OF A GROUP - And we all know that when you’re in a group with motivational music that you will work harder and feed off each other’s high energy! The group works together just like on an outdoor ride. Cycling-specific structured workouts are planned out through the Winter months so you will peak in time for triathlon season. Being part of a group gets you out of the solitary pain cave and interacting with a whole new community of friends. We make that happen in our program by using the Zwift app and Discord app so that the coach and the class attendees can communicate with each other and also hear music at the same time.


Just For You

In the end, knowledge is power. The more data your coach can give you to rate your intensity then the more you will know about when to push your watts, heart rate and RPM’s and when to back off. If you are not sure what type of training you should be doing, then ask the instructor or better yet, hire a coach.

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Julia Aimers is the Head Coach and Founder of Team Triumph Triathlon Club established in the year 2000, in Ottawa, Canada.  She has coached beginner triathletes to Kona qualifying athletes. Team Triumph is a Multisport and Social club dedicated to challenging your sense of adventure.

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