Boston Marathon Weekend

The Boston Marathon is special to many people – runners and non-runners alike. Marathon runners from all over the world aspire to earn their ticket to Boston, and running Boston is often the highlight of their running careers.

The Boston marathon has a long and storied history. Boston is a tradition. The success of the first modern-day Olympic marathon in 1896 inspired the first Boston race in 1897. That makes Boston the world's oldest marathon – as well as one of the oldest consecutively held sporting events. If you want to find tradition, you'll definitely find it on the road to Boston each spring. Many historic moments took place on the road to Boston, including the famous 1982 "Duel in the Sun," during which Dick Beardsley and Alberto Salazar battled to the top of the now-infamous "Heartbreak Hill." It's also the race in which Katherine Switzer became one of the first women to finish a major marathon in 1967 – despite almost being tackled by an event organizer, since, at the time, women weren't allowed to participate in the race.

It was a busy day in Boston this past Monday for Team Triumph! Many of our athletes have been waiting 2 years to go to Boston! Sounds like the wind was relentless in all directions and, well...heartbreak hill never disappoints! We are all soooo proud of all of you!! Those smiles say it all!

Congratulations to:
Luc Lapensée - (seen above) for completing his 1st Boston Marathon;
Hélène Fortier - for completing her 10th Boston Marathon;
Josée Perreault - for completing many Boston Marathons! and
Chantal Beaudin - for a great finish!

And congrats to our alumnae:
Kit E;
Lise Scott; and
Marie-Josée Hamel.

Here's Luc's Race Report:
What an amazing experience! This race was my objective for the last 7 years and now it’s achieved. The overall Boston experience since Friday was unreal and enjoyed every moment. From Marie’s 5k race to the expo and even Bruins and RedSox games. 

Marathon day, a well-organized event for a perfect weather day… except for the head win from start to finish but didn’t matter, the objective was to enjoy the moment. Heartbreak hill was challenging but I was prepared for it. 

Thanks, coach Julia for getting me ready after a winter of challenging health events. This race will forever be on the top of my list.


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