Ottawa Race Weekend/70.3 Victoria

It's been 3 years since we've been able to race at the Ottawa Race Weekend.  The weather was beautiful for spectating but perhaps a tad warm for the athletes, but this does not surprise us, as this weekend is notoriously warm.  The race was well attended with by our Team Triumph members. Here is how they did.

A HUGE congratulations to Darius Skusevičius (Lithuanian Ambassador) seen above running in support of the people of Ukraine. He completed the 2km/5km/10km and the marathon on the weekend! By the time he reached our place at the 33km mark, his spirits were high but he admitted he was feeling a bit sore. Congrats for being a real hero in this world Darius!

Shirley Clements

Luc Lapensée
Allyson Chisnall
Gary Maxwell
Stephanie Obaseki-Johnson

Half Marathon
Luc Lapensée (10k and half!!)
Karen St Arnaud
Dave Suttill
Hélène Fortier - Winner of the Canadian Armed Forces Gold medal in her category!!
Josée Perreault
Anna Belanger
Erik Shantz
Navin Wicks
Emily Graves
Anders Knudby
Shelley Kirkpatrick
Julie Dale

François Menard
Dave Osmond
Steve Swanwick
Darius Skusevičius (2k/5k/10/marathon)
Glen Paradis

Next week we hope to hear more from Annick Desrosiers and Joanne Bezzubetz who were at the Victoria IM 70.3!!

It's exciting to have racing back.


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