Brittania Park Triathlon/Perth Triathlon Recap

On Saturday we had a bunch of athletes compete in the Brittania Park Triathlon. Unfortunately, at the last second, the wind picked up making the waves really high and the water unsafe. Many of our crew made the right decision to turn back to shore and then help the water safety crew point out swimmers in distress. A great reminder that in races, you are responsible for your own safety and if you feel like you're in an unsafe place listen to that voice in your head! The Olympic Distance swim was cancelled altogether.

Congrats to everyone for making the right decisions and doing their best out there!

Sprint Tri 
Anna Belanger
Navin Wicks
Michelle Lacharity
Kirsten Suttill
Sue Bennett

Olympic Distance Bike/Run
Harry Briggs (1st in AG)
Sophie Dagenais (1st in AG)


We moved on to a calmer day at the Perth Triathlon on Sunday. Recent Beginner Program graduate Tai Talesco and her husband Eric Henderson looked pretty happy to finish their first triathlon! And we all know it's all about the finishing fudge, pies and cookies!

Congrats Everyone!!

Female Finishers:
Lucie Tremblay - 3rd in AG
Coach Klara - 3rd in AG
Coach Gabi - results need to be reviewed
Melanie Bouchard
Nicole Gibeau
Coach Julia
Simone Rose-Oliver - 1st in AG
Tai Talesco (1st Tri!)

Male Finishers:
Navin Wick (2nd in AG)
Dana Cooper (1st Tri!!)
Eric Henderson (1st Tri!!)

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