Team Triumph Goes International Racing

Looks like the international race season has begun. We have Triumphers all over the place competing! Destination races can be a great way to see the world while racing. Congratulations to everyone on completing their races!!


CAF SUPER SPRINT - PO2 Craig Blake Memorial Fitness Challenge, NS
Stuart Whittaker - completed his 1st two triathlons and is loving the sport. I know we'll see him at more races next year!

Linda Martin - had a speedy race!!

Lara Winnemore - see full race report below!

Michelle Lacharity - completed her 1st 70.3 (see picture to right!)

Leila Ebrahimpoor - completed her 1st 70.3 (see picture below!)

France St Denis - happy to make it to the start line with a chronic injury, and equally happy to make it to the finish line...enjoy Oktoberfest!!

Last Fall Michelle decided she wanted to try triathlon with the goal of doing a 70.3 at the end of this season. She jumped onto Zwift, got on a custom training plan, and joined our Tremblant Camp and Mondays at Meech program. Congratulations Michelle on completing: a Tri a Tri, Sprint, Olympic, Long Course Kingston and finally the BIG goal...the 70.3 in Atlantic City!! 

Your energy and enthusiasm have been a great addition to our team!


Congrats Leila on your first 70.3!! Leila reported that it was a hot run but she is proud to say she made it to the finish line after a challenging year of work disruptions getting in the way of training from time to time. It was awesome having Leila on Zwift with us and at the Tremblant Camp. This great photo of Leila was sent by Boris who was at the race cheering as well! 

It's amazing how resilient the human body can be! After a fall off her bike and a rough bout of Covid, Lara kept getting back to training when she could and pulled off a PB for the 70.3 distance in Michigan. Congratulations on your perseverance, Lara, while finding joy and gratitude with every step along your journey!


Here is Lara's Race Report:

Ironman 70.3 Michigan was my 4th half iron distance triathlon. I travelled 13 hrs by car to get to Frankfurt Michigan with my BFF, her hubby and my hubby. Sadly with all the stops and starts since June 1st due to a bike accident and protracted health issues post covid, I was not really in a good place physically when race week arrived. Would I be in too much pain to get through the bike with my back issues? If I completed the bike could I even run?

After a good chat with Coach Julia, I decided to simply listen to my body and do what I could.

Pre-Race morning:
After 6hrs of disrupted sleep, I got up at 5:30, ate my overnight oats, did some dynamic mobility, had a bit of coffee, went to the bathroom and drank some biosteel. Got dressed. Walked to transition.

Set up took 2 min. Feel like I’m a pro now.

Only a 1 min lineup for the portapotty - transition is organized amazingly at this race!

I got my wetsuit on, had my spring energy gel, more biosteel, then said goodbye to the husbands and gave my BFF Kirsten a good luck hug as I knew she’d be done at least an hour before me.

Picture the shape of an upside-down coat hanger and instructions to keep all buoys on your LEFT as we swam counterclockwise. Most agree it was a sighting nightmare.

First time having goggles punched off. Couldn’t figure out the course shape while in the water, or what direction to swim. The corners were so sharp many people started swimming back into others. Honestly halfway in I gave up and just started following others. There were apparently some cross currents also.

The boat ramp was slippery and I face-planted coming out of the water. I was so glad to be done with that swim.  A comedy of errors!

My goal before getting covid was sub 45 min. I knew on race morning that 48-50 min was more realistic. I finished in exactly 50 min. 4min 30 sec slower than Musselman. Disappointing but I just moved on.

There were several pretty steep hills (8-10%) and a lot of crosswinds and headwinds but overall a fun bike. No place to slot in when passing so it was my first time ever in a 70.3 passing literally 15-20 people at a time. Definitely burned a few matches doing that but if I didn’t pass I’d be drafting.

I loved the course, as it was absolutely beautiful, loved the community of Frankfort, loved all the spectators who lined every aspect of the course … EVEN the bike course.

Bike Nutrition:
I was on point for carbs @ 60g/Hr (although 5g/Hr less than what I had been training with but still pretty good), but I didn’t drink all my bottles so was a bit dehydrated going into the run.

I got in 1.5 litres of water + electrolytes but should have been at 2 litres. Missed 1 bottle.

Bike time 3h 7 min

I knew this would be tough due to the back pain and lower leg swelling I had been dealing with since getting covid. I had not been able to complete my run training as prescribed, but I knew I would finish.

The run course was 2 loops with tonnes of spectators and volunteers the whole way. That is the common thread here. Townspeople volunteering or spectating in droves. Loved it so much as it helped distract me from my discomfort.

I ran well off the bike and was doing great until around 13k when the SI joint issues definitely made themselves felt. I had to drastically shorten my stride and go much slower the rest of the race despite my energy feeling pretty good. But I stayed positive.

I ran the whole race except walked through all aid stations which was my race plan anyway. A huge improvement.

Had my first gel on the run at 5 min in and despite Maurten working well for me I think because I was low on fluids from the bike I felt a bit nauseous and I just needed to switch from gels.

I had a large handheld bottle of LMNT. So drank sips from that throughout and at every aid station took 1 cup of coke (about 3oz) and 1 cup of water. I ended up taking 8 cokes during the run plus 1 Maurten which worked out to around 40 carbs per hour.

It was incredibly humid and I had to put ice down my race kit, in my bra and under my hat at each aid station, plus I poured water on my cooling arm sleeves. This worked well.

So my expectations were not high at all for the run, given how my run fitness went bye-bye after getting covid, but I finished the run in 2:23 so I’m super happy with that and grateful for my health given everything.

Got a 6 min PB on the bike
Got a 5 min PB on the run

Finished in 6:32 which is a PB.

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