Team Triumphers Battle Mother Nature at Richmond Road Race

It's almost a guarantee that if you participate in the Richmond Road Race Mother Nature is going to through some serious weather your way.  This year was no different.  Congrats to all of the Team Triumphers who battled the snow and cold and the famous train blocking the route in Richmond last weekend. Julie, Sarah, and Deborah from the 70.3 Group Training Program met up at the race.

Here is Deborah's report:

This was the first time I had run the Richmond Road Race. It is a smaller venue, but very well organized.  Parking is simple and free right at the school. The open gym made it easy for spectators to stay warm while we were out on the course. Bib pick-up on the morning of the event was very easy and super fast.

Mother Nature decided she was going to throw some nasty weather our way to challenge us and stay true to the race motto “Run Fast or Freeze”!  Road conditions weren’t ideal (although the plows had been over the course prior to the start) and the blowing/drifting snow made for a cold/messy run. It was the kind of run where you felt you were running in sand and hard to get traction. It was great to see volunteers out on the course cheering everyone on even in such conditions.  

The medals were fabulous and definitely worth the effort!  After the race, there was a lovely smorgasbord of food along with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer available to finishers.  Although I didn’t have any food it certainly looked like everyone was enjoying it!

Most importantly, It was great to meet up with fellow teammates to be able to cheer and encourage each other!  

10km Race
Julie Dale
Karen Burns
Sarah Allen
Jennifer Rae-Brown
Darius Skusevicius
Deborah Jackman
Darcy Yee
Julie Matte
Jazzmin Major
Denise Pittuck

5km Race
Shelley Kirkpatrick
Barbara Dundas


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