Triumphers Unleashed: Racing, Inspiring, and Setting the Pace Worldwide

Over the past few weeks, the Triumphers community has been on a racing spree, with athletes showcasing their incredible determination and skills in various locations around the world. From Scandinavia to North America, from newcomers to seasoned athletes, the Triumphers have left their mark on the racing scene. Let's dive into the action-packed weeks and celebrate the remarkable achievements of these inspiring individuals.

Ironman Triumph at Mont TremblantA significant presence of Triumphers gathered at the Ironman Mont Tremblant event, showcasing their dedication and proving that hard work pays off. It's no small feat to conquer an Ironman, and we're thrilled to announce that every single Triumpher who embarked on this journey reached the coveted finish line. A standout achievement goes to Byron Johnson, not only for crossing the finish line but also for gracing the podium in the 70-74 age group at Mont Tremblant. A resounding applause also goes to Sarah Allen, who completed her maiden Ironman and secured a spot in the World Championships in Kona! We're excited to support Sarah on her journey to this prestigious event.

Triumphers Overcoming Challenges
Isaac Gonzalez, a Triumphers member hailing from Brussels, demonstrated unwavering dedication by completing our Group 70.3 Program. Despite facing adversity, with a second triathlon cancellation in Spain due to extreme heat, Isaac's commitment shines through. This summer's weather has been unpredictable, but the Triumphers community remains resilient and undeterred.

Global Triumphs
Triumphers transcended borders, conquering races across the globe. In Finland's challenging Ironman 70.3 World Championships course, Joanne Bezzubetz emerged victorious, not only completing the race but also securing an impressive 34th position worldwide in her age category. A true testament to Joanne's perseverance and dedication.

Meanwhile, in Lithuania, Triumphers added a touch of Canadian spirit to the Vilnius Swim Marathon. A special mention goes to a proud participant of the 5km race, completing it in the picturesque Green Lake. With a 10k challenge for the brave hearts, it's an event that promises adventure and camaraderie for all ages.

Triumphers Graduating and Inspiring
The Triumphers Group Olympic Distance Program marked its first graduate, Tom Zinck, who showcased his dedication and determination at the Cornwall race. Tom's accomplishment is not just a personal victory but also an inspiration for others embarking on their triathlon journey. As the race season gradually winds down, Triumphers are gearing up to share their experiences through race reports. These reports promise to inspire others and facilitate a collective learning experience by delving into each other's successes and challenges.

Triumphers Showcase Their Grit
Recent weeks have seen Triumphers shining in various races, each one leaving a mark in their respective categories. From the Subaru Triathlon Festival for Women in Niagara, where Denise Pittuck secured an impressive 2nd place in her age group, to Stuart Whitaker's 2nd place finish in the Port Hood Sprint Triathlon in Nova Scotia, the Triumphers have consistently showcased their grit and determination.

A Stellar Lineup
The Thousand Islands Triathlon featured a remarkable Triumphers lineup. Nadine Tischauser and Coach Gabi both shone in the Sprint category, with Coach Gabi securing a 3rd place finish in her age group. Byron Johnson claimed the top spot in the Olympic Distance category, with Sue Bennett and Mo Ben also securing podium positions in their respective age groups.

World Championships Glory
Triumphers have made their presence felt on the world stage as well. At the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Finland, Joanne Bezzubetz's incredible performance earned her a remarkable 34th position globally in her age category. Her dedication and hard work have truly paid off on this international platform.

Triumphers Unite
As the racing season progresses, Triumphers continue to unite and inspire. The Canadian Triathlon awaits, and Triumphers are set to make their mark once again. Keep an eye out for the Team Triumph transition rack – a hub of camaraderie and support for teammates.

A Final Congratulations
In wrapping up these exhilarating weeks, we extend hearty congratulations to all the Triumphers who have showcased their resilience, dedication, and skill in races across the globe. Your achievements inspire us all and remind us of the power of setting and achieving ambitious goals. As the Triumphers community continues to grow, we eagerly anticipate the next wave of victories and shared experiences. Keep racing, keep inspiring, and keep triumphing!

Full results can be seen below

Subaru Triathlon Festival for Women, Niagara
Denise Pittuck - 2nd in AG

Port Hood Sprint Triathlon, Nova Scotia
Stuart Whitaker - 2nd in AG

Thousand Islands Triathlon
Nadine Tischauser - SwimCycle
Coach Gabi - Sprint (3rd in AG)
Nicole Gibeau - Sprint
Byron Johnson - OD (1st in AG!)
Sue Bennett - OD (1st in AG)
Mo Ben - OD (3rd in AG!)

Ironman Mont Tremblant
Byron Johnson (3rd in AG!!)
Sarah Allen (1st Ironman!)
Chantal Beaudin
Genevieve Courchesne
Drew Dobson
Helene Fortier
Josee Perreault
Lara Winnemore (1st Ironman!)
Claude Pillette (1st Ironman!)

Ironman 70.3 Mont Tremblant
Jazzmin Major (1st 70.3 and graduate from our 70.3 Program!)
Coach Klara (1st 70.3!)
Raul Perez
Anna Belanger

Ironman 70.3 World Championships, Finland
Joanne Bezzubetz (34th in the World!!!)

Cornwall Triathlon
Lynda Hickman - Sprint (1st in AG!!)
Sue Bennett - Sprint (2nd in AG!!)
Tom Zinck (1st OD Triathlon!)
Courtney Douglass- Sprint
Karen St Arnaud - Sprint
Francois Menard - OD
Coach Gabi - Sprint


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