Athlete of the Week Spotlight: Tom Zinck - Triumph Over Challenges in Triathlon

In a world where commitment, perseverance, and determination often lead to success, Tom Zinck stands as a shining example of these virtues. Hailing from a diverse professional background as a manager with the Federal Government, Tom's journey as an athlete has been nothing short of inspiring. As we delve into the story of our Athlete of the Week, we uncover his triumphs, challenges, and the unwavering spirit that drove him to conquer the world of triathlon.


A Passion for ProgressionTom's story in the realm of endurance sports began with a passion for running. Training for marathons in 2020, he completed not just one full marathon but numerous half marathons, marking his dedication to the sport. However, he soon realized that focusing solely on running was taking a toll on his body. Drawing from his experiences as a teenage road bike racer, Tom found inspiration from his running nutrition coach to venture into the world of triathlons.

In 2022, Tom took the plunge and participated in a try-a-tri event, kickstarting his journey in triathlon. With his background in running and biking, he embraced the challenge of adding swimming to the mix, despite childhood aversions to putting his head underwater. This decision paved the way for his remarkable transformation from a swimming novice to a confident and powerful swimmer.

Triumph Over Adversity

Tom's journey wasn't without its share of obstacles. Scoliosis brought about muscle imbalances, leading to recurring patella tendinitis in one knee. Additionally, a fall during a training run in 2021 resulted in a peroneal nerve injury, causing months of recovery from "drop foot." It was a period of uncertainty, where the possibility of ever running or competing again seemed distant. However, Tom's resilience prevailed. Through rest, patience, and the guidance of a skilled physiotherapist, he overcame these challenges.

Tom also attributes his triumph over these challenges to incorporating proper warm-up routines, cooling down effectively, and dedicating time to strengthen his core. It's a testament to his tenacity and willingness to adapt that he emerged from these setbacks stronger than before.

Setting and Achieving Goals

One of the highlight moments of Tom's journey was his participation in the Olympic distance triathlon in Cornwall. With months of preparation behind him, he tackled the event with determination. Despite facing knee troubles during the race, Tom decided not to push beyond his limits and prioritized his well-being. This display of self-awareness and humility exemplifies the mindset of a true athlete.

Tom's journey is a testament to his growth, both as an athlete and as an individual. Overcoming initial struggles with swimming, he emerged not only proficient but also passionate about conquering the water. His pride in transforming his weakest component into a strength is palpable.


Team Triumph: A Guiding Light
A crucial part of Tom's journey has been his association with Team Triumph. The virtual Olympic Triathlon training provided by Team Triumph offered a holistic approach to training. With a balanced blend of expert instruction, personal anecdotes from coaches, and a tailored training plan, Tom found the support and guidance he needed to excel in his triathlon journey.

As Tom looks ahead, he's excited to embrace new challenges. His eyes are set on the 70.3 training course, a goal he's eager to tackle with the same dedication and enthusiasm that have carried him thus far.

In celebrating Tom Zinck's journey from running enthusiast to triumphant triathlete, we're reminded that the path to success is often paved with setbacks, challenges, and moments that test our limits. Tom's story showcases the power of determination, the value of a supportive community, and the boundless rewards that come from embracing new opportunities with an open heart.


Julia Aimers
CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist
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Certified Triathlon, Cycling, Yoga and Swimming Coach
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