Athletes of the Week: Lucie Tremblay and Melanie Bouchard - A Dynamic Mother-Daughter Triathlon Duo

Meet Lucie Tremblay, a military veteran and recently retired police executive officer with an impressive career spanning 35 years. Lucie's journey into the world of triathlon was not only a personal challenge but also a family affair, as her daughter Melanie Bouchard joined her on this exhilarating adventure. Let's delve into their inspiring story, triumphs, and the challenges they've overcome together.


A Family Tradition: Triathlon from the Start
Lucie's introduction to triathlon came through her husband, who completed his first triathlon in Ottawa after taking swimming lessons with the renowned coach Julia Aimers. Inspired by her husband's achievement, Lucie bought her first road bike in Victoria, BC, kickstarting her triathlon journey. Her love for the sport has endured, with her trusty Trek bike accompanying her through countless races and victories.

The triathlon bug didn't skip a generation, as Lucie's daughters, Alexandra and Melanie, embraced the sport at a young age. While Alexandra has pursued other interests, Melanie, now 27, continues to train and race alongside her mother.


Overcoming Diabetes and Water Anxiety
Facing a diabetes diagnosis 15 years ago, Lucie turned to triathlon as a means of motivation to maintain a regular and consistent training routine. However, her most significant challenge arose during the 2017 Rotterdam World Championship when she experienced panic in the water. This recurring issue, especially when wearing a wetsuit, haunted her for years. With determination and the support of coach Julia Aimers, Lucie conquered her anxiety, putting on a wetsuit again after a five-year hiatus and successfully completing the Olympic distance at the World Championships in Spain.


Triumphs in Spain and Beyond
The highlight of Lucie's summer was participating in the Age Group World Championships in Pontevedra, Spain, alongside her daughter Melanie. Despite acknowledging her limited bike and run training, Lucie faced the challenges head-on. Her strategic approach and familiarity with her body's responses allowed her to navigate the course and celebrate the joy of competing on an international stage with her daughter.


Pride in the Journey, On and Off the Course
Lucie's triathlon journey is marked by numerous achievements, including competing in all triathlon distances and winning medals in draft legal standard races as an elite master. In the past six years, she has adopted a philosophy of doing it for fun, savoring the joy that triathlon brings.

Yet, what Lucie is proudest of is the legacy she has built with her daughters. Starting with Kids of Steel and participating in local events as a family, the Tremblay-Bouchard clan has fostered a deep connection with triathlon. Today, Lucie and Melanie stand as the best Mother-Daughter Duo in town, continuing to train and coach together.

Lucie Tremblay and Melanie Bouchard exemplify the resilience, determination, and joy that triathlon can bring to individuals and families. Their story is a testament to the power of sport to overcome challenges, build bonds, and create lasting memories. As they continue their journey, we celebrate Lucie and Melanie as our Athletes of the Week, inspiring us all to reach new heights in our pursuits, on and off the racecourse.


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