Team Triumph Athlete of the Year - Sarah Allen

Conquering Challenges and Smiling Through the Finish Line: Sarah Allen's Triathlon Journey
Meet our extraordinary Athlete of the Year, Sarah Allen, a dedicated triathlete who has not only triumphed over physical and mental challenges but has also qualified for the prestigious Ironman World Championship in Kona. Sarah's journey is a testament to resilience, determination, and the unwavering support of her coach and teammates at Team Triumph. She went from doing a Beginner triathlon to an Olympic triathlon to a Half Ironman to our Personal coaching program in quick succession. She is a testament to how we develop athletes with Team Triumph one step at a time.


Getting Started: A Journey Years in the Making
Sarah's introduction to triathlon was delayed by her nomadic lifestyle as a PhD student, but once she settled in Ottawa, she seized the opportunity to dive into the sport. Her best friend's encouragement finally resonated, and she embarked on a new chapter, tackling the unique challenges that triathlon presents.


Summer Triumph: Ironman Mont Tremblant
Sarah's big goal event this past summer was Ironman Mont Tremblant, a challenging race that tested her physical and mental endurance. Despite facing unexpected challenges, such as enduring menstrual cramps during the bike course and a sudden aversion to nutrition on the run, Sarah powered through with a smile on her face.


Overcoming Adversity: A Comeback from Concussion
One of Sarah's most significant hurdles was a concussion in January 2023. Overcoming physical and mental obstacles, she credits her support system for helping her persevere. With the guidance of her coach, Julia, and the unwavering support of friends and family, Sarah navigated the difficult recovery process, ultimately exceeding her own expectations.


Kona Bound: A Wild Ride at the Ironman World Championship
Earning a roll-down spot for the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, was a dream come true for Sarah. Despite battling autoimmune flares and enduring full-body hives during the race, she employed the same positive mindset—smiling through adversity. Overcoming vomiting on the marathon and managing without proper hydration, Sarah proudly crossed the finish line, a testament to her indomitable spirit.


Team Triumph: A Supportive Community
Sarah attributes much of her success to her coach, Julia, and the supportive community at Team Triumph. From overcoming her fear of open water swimming to achieving a personal best in an ocean swim, Sarah's journey exemplifies the transformative power of coaching and team camaraderie.

In Sarah's words, "Working with Julia and Team Triumph has been incredible. Julia met me where I was at every turn and bump in the road. I'm extremely hard on myself, but Julia always believed in me and the journey. What more can you ask for in a coach?"

Sarah's 2023 season was truly epic, marked by personal triumphs, unexpected challenges, and a relentless commitment to overcoming adversity. As she looks ahead to future races, Sarah remains an inspiration to both new and seasoned triathletes, proving that with the right mindset and support, anything is possible in the world of triathlon.


Julia Aimers
CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist
CSEP High-Performance Specialist

Certified Triathlon, Cycling, Yoga and Swimming Coach
USA Cycling Level 2 Coach
Training Peaks Accredited Coach

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