Ice, Snow, and Sunshine: Celebrating Team Triumph's Racing Achievements

Team Triumph had a busy weekend at the races. Some races were warmer than others!


The Embrace Winter Race was windy, cold, icy and snowy as advertised causing pretty rough running conditions.


Meanwhile Isaac was in Sevilla, Spain where the weather was ideal for marathoning.

Isaac Gonzalez


Embrace Winter

Half Marathon    
Deborah Jackman

Byron Johnson (1st in AG)
Karen Burns (3rd in AG)

Denise Pittuck (1st in AG)
Ann-Marie Omar (2nd in AG)

Gatineau Loppet
Coach Gabi pictured (27km Skate Ski) 
Brad Vlaming (50km Skate Ski)


Congratulations to all.


Julia Aimers
CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist
CSEP High-Performance Specialist

Certified Triathlon, Cycling, Yoga and Swimming Coach
USA Cycling Level 2 Coach
Training Peaks Accredited Coach

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