Racing into the Season: Highlights from the Early Bird Triathlon

The triathlon season has kicked off with a bang, and what better way to dive into the action than with the Early Bird Triathlon! This year's event not only witnessed seasoned athletes taking on the challenge but also welcomed the next generation of triathletes with open arms. From seasoned pros to first-timers, the spirit of camaraderie and competition was palpable at the starting line.


Welcoming New Faces

A special shoutout goes to our newcomers who conquered their first triathlon. To those who dipped their toes into the sport for the first time, we hope this experience has ignited a passion for triathlons that will keep you coming back for more. And let's not forget the invaluable contribution of volunteers like Denise Pittuck, whose dedication ensures the smooth running of these events.


Results Recap

Let's take a moment to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our athletes at the Early Bird 2024:

Long Course Tri:

  • Deborah Jackman: 7th female overall, 2nd in AG
  • Joana Chelo: 10th overall female, 1st in AG
  • Karyn Houle: 1st in AG, completing her first triathlon
  • Julie Matte: 1st in AG
  • Sophie Debbané: 2nd in AG

Sprint Tri:

  • Erik Shantz: 1st in AG
  • Nicole Gibeau: 8th female overall, 2nd in AG
  • Manish Sood: 2nd in AG, completing his first triathlon
  • Suleka Levac: 1st in AG
  • Natasha Trainor: 2nd in AG, completing her first triathlon
  • Sue Bennett: 1st in AG
  • Valerie Gregory: 2nd in AG

Long Course Duathlon:

  • Joanne Bezzubetz: 3rd overall female, 1st in AG

Super Sprint Triathlon:

  • Julia Sauvé: 2nd in AG

Kids Triathlon:

  • Tristan Obaseki: 2nd overall, 2nd in AG
  • Jackson Obaseki: 3rd overall, 3rd in AG


Capturing the Moments

The essence of the Early Bird Triathlon isn't just about crossing the finish line—it's about the joy, the camaraderie, and the sheer determination that fills the air. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Coach Gabi, whose presence at the race not only guided newcomers but also captured priceless moments and cheered on our athletes every step of the way.


Beyond the Early Bird

As the season unfolds, we continue to witness remarkable performances from our athletes. Isaac Gonzalez Garcia's stellar showing at the Sevilla Olympic Distance Triathlon is a testament to the dedication and skill within our community. And let's not forget the recent success at the Mother's Day 5km Flower Run, where our athletes continued to shine bright.



The Early Bird Triathlon not only marks the beginning of a new season but also symbolizes the resilience, passion, and spirit of our triathlon community. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, there's something truly special about pushing your limits and celebrating each milestone along the way. Here's to many more triumphant races ahead!

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