If you thought that training camp is all about training well, I guess what happens at training camp didn't stay at training camp! The bonus of training camp is enjoying local delectable treats! This deelish Mexican restaurant is so good we went back three times! The famous Veyo Pie shop, (which Kevin looks pretty happy about) has been visited by cyclists from all over the world! It's a stop on the awesome Veyo loop which we ride right from the front door of our resort.

Training camp is really about making great friends, exploring the vast beauty of Utah, learning new skills and throwing some great fitness in the mix. We have beginners coming who haven't ridden a road bike before to people training for Ironman and everything in between. Training camp is for everyone at every level. If all you want to do is enjoy the delectable treats that's ok too!

We have 4 spots left up for grabs. If you're interested at all, shoot me an email (info@pbest.ca) and we'll make it work. It's not too late to join in on the fun! 

St George, Utah
April 1-10, 2017


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