January is not only a time to set resolutions, it is also a time to set your goals for the 2017 racing season. For many people, having a goal keeps you motivated to stick with your training. If you know where you're headed then it's also much easier to plan your training schedule.

Start by picking your A race. Your A race is the most important race that you either want to complete or do really well in. From there what are the B races or events that are going to help you practice or build up to your A race. C races can be road races, time trials or distance swimming events that get you stoked for the main event. 

Take the time now to look at the event calendar and start planning your season. You will find that you are much more motivated knowing that you have a big event ahead. Then, if I haven't been doing your personal training plan, send me a quick note with your A-C races or goals for 2017 so when I'm encouraging you on deck, in the spin or on the track, I know where you're headed.

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