If you were in one of my spinning or yoga classes this week, you have probably heard about my latest crusade! Yes, my no added sugar crusade is still on but now I have challenged myself and some of you and your families to join the Positive Crusade!

After reading the article in the Globe and Mail last week on "How Complaining Rewires Your Brain for Negativity", I learned about how the same way we create compensation patterns for injuries we get rewired for complaining and our life can become more negative. If you have someone in your family who complains a lot that complaining can be like second hand smoke and before you know the whole family is rewired....yikes!!

So, I challenged myself and family to see if I can I actually get through a whole week without complaining once. I thought yeah, no problem, I kicked sugar this will be easy compared to that. Well, so far this has been more difficult than I thought. What the challenge has done, is made me more aware of how much complaining I do and has made me re-think how I speak. After sharing the idea of positivity in the Spin on Saturday, Anna Rumin kindly forwarded me the article from the Guardian about a writer who tried to go 21 days without a complaint and it took him 6 months! During his challenge he moved an elastic from one wrist to the other every time he complained so he was more aware. 

How does staying positive affect our sports? When we arrive at a race in the pouring rain, we can complain about it or be positive about it and have an awesome day. When things start going sideways in a race, we can go on a negative downward spiral or be prepared with positive thoughts and get to the finish line smiling.
Are you up for the challenge?

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